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  • I’ve enabled the Debug Mode, but also pointed the URL to the services_test.php and for whatever reason, the form still submits, but I don’t ever see the services_test.php page outputting to the screen.

    I’m using Gravity Forms as well. So I’m just receiving the standard default confirmation that the forms has been submitted.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Plugin Author zaus


    When you say “don’t ever see the services_test.php outputting to the screen”, what do you mean? Debug Mode only sends emails to whatever address you’ve entered in the admin section; it will send an email of the service settings, the form post, the remote post, and the remote response. Turning on Debug Mode means you always get a ‘debug email’, rather than only when a failure is detected from the remote request.

    The services_test.php page is a provided debugging tool so you can examine the post without sending test messages to your actual service — its response will contain the GET/POST/HEADER data it received from the remote request to help you figure out if you’re missing or mis-configured a mapping.

    Should I explain this better somewhere? In what way can I make this more easily understandable?

    Oh ok – then I guess what I want to happen then is when to have the services_test.php show. I can’t get that to appear at all. Could it be because my Gravity Forms is using just text to display a confirmation?

    Plugin Author zaus


    I’m sorry, I really have no idea what you’re asking.

    The workflow of the plugin is:
    1. You specify specify the admin email to receive responses
    2. You enable “Debug Mode” — these will be sent to #2
    3. You create a service and attach it to specific forms
    4. The service will submit to an indicated url; let’s say you use the included ‘service_test.php’
    5. You set up service mapping: field_x becomes submission_a, etc
    6. Someone submits the attached form
    7. The contact form plugin (CF7 or GF) behaves regularly, sending confirmation emails, printing a message to the screen, etc
    8. The 3rdparty-Integration plugin will, at the same time, perform a form POST to the service url from #4, using the mappings from #5 to turn the contact form plugin submission into a service request
    9. If the Integration plugin encounters an error with the service request (i.e. a complete failure of the response, or the lack of the specified “success” text) it will send a failure notice to the admin email, and it may update the contact form plugin notification message with a generic “could not send the reply” type message; in the case of CF7 it will print a developer-tools console warning, but for GF it should append to the msg shown on screen or include in the redirect url.
    10. Regardless of success or failure, because you enabled Debug Mode in #2, you will get an email detailing the service, the submission, the mapped request, and the response.

    After re-reading what I just wrote, maybe you mean in #9 it should have displayed a failure message but did not — is that what you’re talking about?

    Plugin Author zaus


    If #9 was the case, try the newer version of the plugin — you can specify an on-screen failure message.

    No, I’m actually referring to #3 & #4. I’ll use your service_test.php to point the form to submit to and there will be no output on the screen other than the confirmation message from Gravity Forms.

    Plugin Author zaus


    You mean you want to customize the ‘success’ or ‘failure’ (confirmation) response that the “original” (CF7 or GF) displays on the WP page? If so, see (which I’ll get around to adding to the readme too).

    Are you trying to display the entire service post response as the confirmation message?

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