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  • Maybe a little too much for WP, but I was looking for a ‘Dating’ plugin

    I didn’t think it would be rocket science to have some sort of Dating plugin

    I did a search but couldn’t find anything

    Maybe Buddy Press is more suitable – but I couldn’t find anything there either



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  • You could use Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP). It even lets you set how many pictures you can add to each type of listing that you can create and you can have a free listing type as well as paid ad types. Usually you give the free listings no picture or only one, and let the pis listing show more text & pictures.

    *thank u*
    i’ll look that up

    Remember to mark it resolved (if you feel it is). That’s how other people find threads that have answers.

    ok… i’ll remember to do that
    i looked at the plugin and i don’t think its quite right for a dating plugin

    i haven’t really thought out the functionialites a dating plugin should have, but i thought some of the following would be required:

    – ability to create profile and upload pics
    – u could read anyone else’s profile as a non registered user (contact info should be filtered out as best as possible)
    – if u wanted to contact someone u liked, then u need to register
    – only people who have registered AND paid (subscribed monthly or yearly) can make contact with some they liked
    – only people who have registered AND paid can reply back to some who want to contact them

    i’m sure there are other functionalities + logic that need to be present

    would be good to know if someone has tried making such a plugin


    I don’t know of any free and ready-made solution for that but there are other classified ad plugins. I think that’s about as close as you will get in terms of free plugins.

    why don’t you go for this …

    it has all the features you are looking…

    You can also check out for we have a professional WordPress Dating Software Plugin.

    We have a very extensive site dedicated to the dating software plugin at

    “remkyweb” above is highly questionable, since there are no purchase, or download links anywhere on his web-site, and his “home” and masthead link to a list of adult dating sites.

    remkyweb sadly doesn’t respond on mail I sent him.
    I would like so start a datingsite online for animals and his dating plugin for wordpress was the only one I spotted..

    Does anyone know an alternative dating plugin for WP

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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