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  • How do you even get the date picker to work? I cannot figure that one out..

    You “generate tag” then choose “date” from the drop down menu. See screenshot:

    Anyway, this date tag has been working before. Not sure if its the latest wordpress update that caused this not to work.

    I got it, I did not know that I needed to get the plugin for the date picker.. got it and it works.. Thanks…

    How and where do I format the date field size? I tried it in mt CSS where I have the rest of the form formatted but the date field will not take.

    You have to add a class first. When you generate there’s this input for class, you should put it there. And the output would be something like this:
    [date date-938 class:myclass]

    The bold letters are added as class after the name of the date input. Now with a class, you can style it via css

    MegaToon Tv, It was styling with my css but the width was not, so I with the help of the plugin creator, he mentioned to me about setting in the setup of the field.. so, instead of formatting the width in the css I just do it in the setup, I wish it would just take in my css, I hate having to either code each field like you mentioned or having to set it for the fields that needs to be specific… thanks for the info though will keep that in mind, to bad it could not be a global or automatic thing…

    I think sometimes its global, depending on your theme. Check on your stylesheet if you have something like:

    input.textfield, textarea {width:500px;}

    you could always add width using code above. Sometimes it might be:
    .entry-content input

    If you can’t find any, then you can use the code above

    The Date tag works in Chrome but not in IE9. I am waiting patiently for an IE9 fix.

    Same – can’t get it working in Safari or FF either. Everything is updated to latest too. Need fix, please!

    I have the same issue – Date tag works in Chrome and Safari but not in IE9.
    Any News on a fix ?

    I was having the same problem so I used the jQuery UI Datepicker.

    It’s pretty easy to use. Just download and upload jquery-ui.css/jquery-ui.js to your wp theme and add this script to your footer or header –

    autoclose: true

    After that, go to CF7 and generate a text-field and assign the class “datepicker”.

    You will now have a working datepicker in your contact form that works in chrome, ie, ff, and safari.


    Thanks for the solution markob83, but I can’t get it to work.
    I downloaded the following files :

    I uploaded the js files to the location all my other js files are saved, and did the same with the css file.

    I then added the code you provided to my header file, and created a new text field, and assigned the class “datepicker” – but I just get a normal text field when visiting the page.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Can you provide a link to your site?

    @dewetvanrensburg delete everything you added. I created a plugin to help you out. You can download it here

    Install and activate the plugin and generate a text field with “cf7-datepicker” as the id.

    example –

    [text text-589 id:cf7-datepicker]

    Thank you so much for your reply – I deleted everything I added, and downloaded and installed the plugin – but still no joy.
    Here is a link to my form :
    I only tested in Chrome and Firefox, but the datepicker is not working, and I also can’t enter any text to the newly added text field.

    Again, any help and/or suggestion would be appreciated.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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