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    Is it possible to make it so that if the file is fully permanently deleted the entry will also be deleted from the plugin database?

    Or is there a benefit/reason to still keep it there.

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  • Plugin Author dbarrere



    This is currently not the behavior of this plugin.
    And to be honest I don’t currently think about including this feature.

    This feature would implies to :

    • check regularly all folders and subfolders in the uploads folder, it could need a lot of cpu and memory resources if there is a lot of files and subfolders
    • Remove from posts and all database columns the reference to the image, which means changing the html structure
    • and more …

    The plugin already deal with things that could goes wrong if a plugin doesn’t deal with attachements the same way as the usual one, adding this feature would make it al lot more sensitive.


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    Thanks for your Quick reply!

    Yeah about other plug-ins, did you test it with shortpixel the best image opti plug-in?

    Are there more things that can go wrong in the long run if I use this on all Images on an big woostore with alot of Images?

    Does the plug-in only edit its own database table Or also other Parts of the dbase?


    Plugin Author dbarrere


    Nop it has not been tested with Shortpixel.
    I assume that Shortpixel only replaces the actual image content by an optimized one. Then you should not have problem with the main content, I mean the post content.
    I don’t know how the plugin deals with keeping an history of what has been optimized or not, you could have some issues here but nothing that could break your website.

    You should not have any problem with woocommerce but always make a backup of your whole site before using the plugin.
    What it does is not a common practice and WordPress has not been built to allow that.

    No the plugin replace all urls it finds in all the database tables.
    It has to because if an attachments is actually moved, all references to this file would be broken, if it’s not replaced in all tables it.

    Best regards

    Regarding the database, I only mean the entries in Table: wpmfs_queue

    If a refolded renamed image is fully deleted from wpmedialibrary I see it is removed from FTP removed from the postmeta table also removed from the posts table but not from the plugin table wpmfs_queue.

    To keep the plugin dbase clean would it not be nice to remove it there also?

    Plugin Author dbarrere


    The plugin only keeps the elements of the last week.
    All other entries are removed automatically.
    Just wait until next Saturday and you should no see anymore this deleted file in the database.

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