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  • i have a mulitple blog how can i copy my posts and comments to the other blog wihtout messing up?

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  • Export the database, then re-import it.
    That’s about it really…

    thats exactly i did and i get error importing because it says that its already exists.

    and if i drop it my other blog is affected. as i said its a multiple blog with each its own database.

    You are using the same database ?
    Can you create another ?

    i did create a new database. and im importing the database from the other blog to the newly installed still in the same site. its a multi installation and each have its own database.

    Have you installed WP, and now you want the posts and everything else ? If so, that will cause the error.

    Assuming the place you are moving the posts to is new, use phpmyadmin and DROP all the tables. Then an import will proceed without issue. If you aren’t sure about that, there is a guide on the site I linked above.

    The problem is that the posts from each separate install will have used the same ID numbers. And since the ID field requires unique values you’ll get errors importing. Maybe someone could write a script or query to bump ID’s in one database up by 1000 or so.

    This will create a problem for bookmarks if you’re not using permalinks.

    Sorry, I assumed you had two currently running blogs you were combining into one. If you’re just moving one blog into another DB then Podz is on the right track. Still, if there are posts in both blogs you’ll need to confirm that their ID numbers don’t over lap.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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