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  • Relevanssi author here. Please do not use this plugin in its current form. It’s dangerous for performance and may cause server crashes. It will also slow down page loads in a rather terrifying manner.

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  • Dear Mikko,

    thanks for the feedback. Could you elaborate your answer a little more? Why may the server crash? Is there any alternative?

    This plugin provides exactly the function we were looking for, just word autocompletion, not post title suggestion, fancy result lists with images, etc… like SearchWP Live Ajax Search you recommend.

    I’m considering to use this plugin on a production site, I’ve been testing locally with no issues at all.

    Obviously your opinion is very important to us.

    Thanks in advanced.


    Thread Starter Mikko Saari


    Server crashes may be a bit of hyperbole, but still, using this plugin in production is dangerous. The way this plugin works is that it prints out all the words in your database on every page.

    It’s not a big deal if your site is tiny, but on my test site, which is just ~600 posts, this means about one megabyte of extra data on every page load.

    In a time when Google rewards sites for fast performance, adding megabytes of data to every page load is simply suicidal for your SEO.

    The autocompletion would need to use AJAX so that the data is loaded only when needed, not on every single page load (and without any caching whatsoever).

    Hi Mikko, many thanks for the quick reply and clarification. It all makes sense now that I understand what the problem is. I’m sorry, I should have spent more time investigating how the plugin works. I still like the concept and I’m sure it can suite certain applications but not for entire site search, that’s for sure.

    Thanks a lot, keep up the good work with relevanssi.



    Relevanssi is great, but the lack of autocomplete in today’s web is an issue

    If you don’t add autocomplete to your search plugin, “non budget for custom dev users” has to use whatever they can find

    Perhaps the time spend navigating these forums and rate, could be better spended adding native autocomplete to your plugin

    I’m sure you know how relevanssi works, in order to make the best autocomplete method based on relevanssi search results

    Thread Starter Mikko Saari


    Creating a good autocomplete is not easy. I’m just one guy, and kept well busy enough with providing A class support for Relevanssi users.

    Also, autocomplete is not the best solution in my opinion; I think showing results is better than suggesting search terms. For that, there’s already SearchWP Live Ajax Search, which does it well and works with Relevanssi.

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