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  • Hi folks

    Are there any tutorials anywhere that assist with customizing the Constructor theme?

    I’ve made some mods and it seems pretty straightforward in many places. but in other places I’m finding myself totally confused. For example, I see that when I’m customizing the theme I may choose a Sidebar location. But something called an “Extrabar” is listed too. It isn’t clear whether I have to choose to have TWO sidebars at all times or if I can have some pages with a Sidebar configured and others with an Extrabar.

    And the Content area is totally bewildering. There is some verbiage that advises you may configure with Widgets? I thought widgets were only for the sidebar. But this is suggesting a sidebar called After N post. Would be way cool if someone knows of a YouTube video or something that demonstrates customizing this theme by adjusting these items.

    Cheers… Rick 🙂

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  • Rick, in your Customize area you have a tab named “Sidebar”. In that you can choose if your site will have none, one or two columns and their position.

    When you work with two columns, one is named Sidebar (in blue in the designs that appear in your screen), the other is named Extrabar (in green).

    I could not choose to have two sidebars in some pages (like the home page) and only one in others (like in the posts), so, what I am doing is creating a totally new defaut homepage and I will save it as a child-theme. Was the best I could come up with…

    Anyway, the site of the constructor theme has a wiki, not many things there, but it is a good start!

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