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  • Hello,

    I’ve got multiple WordPress sites that I am responsible for. I am attempting to combine all of our databases into one. I’ve created a new database, backed up our 6 sites databases and through find and replace changed the table prefixes in each. I’ve uploaded these all to the new database. When I go into the wp.config file to flip the switch and have our sites start writing to the new database everything works out great! Except… My images in the media library get screwed up. By this I mean all the thumbnails in the backend are blank, when inspecting the attachment page I only find a link to the image instead of the image itself and my site seems to only randomly populate images. I will leave with the changed wp.config file up for a short while as an example. Please help!

    We are importing our Active Directory data and hope to use this to maintain various relations between the sites. We use tags on our posts to give credit to our salespeople, but also use tags for other purposes. I need to be able to compare a tag to the AD list to identify if it is an employee and be able to generate information based on that. For example one of our sites needs to push review information to our central database associated with the AD information. I’ve currently hacked this together with a shortcode and an xml file, but this has its limitations.

    I really appreciate any time you might put towards helping me to solve this matter.

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