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  • Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    No, sorry. There will be csv import/export option in the premium version though, but that isn’t finished yet. The only option you have is to import it through phpmyadmin, just google for ‘phpmyadmin csv import’.

    I did read your previous answer to a similar question so I have already used “phpmyadmin CSV import” in conjunction with Batch Geocode to get the results. Thanks for an amazing plugin!!!

    So to clarify for any users wanting to upload a csv list –

    1). Get a CSV list of stores/stockists and make sure the addresses can be mapped properly by google maps.
    2). Copy your list into to get the lat and lng results.
    3). Import the correctly fielded CSV into the the wp_wpsl_stores table through “phpmyadmin” and voila!!!

    I can confirm G-Ollies procedure. Applied it just a couple of days ago with an address list of 500+ entries …

    A big thanks goes to Tijmen – this is an AWESOME plugin! (… and coded so well! )

    seems to work great! just what I was looking for. It would be worth the premium to be able to just upload a CSV file.



    Just wanted to add my vote for the CSV premium option. I have to hand over a project to the client where they’ll need to be able to update the site by uploading an updated csv file, so we had to choose another plugin even though this was the most beautiful. Please let us know when you have this available and we may look at transferring back to this plugin!


    Have tried the above method but can’t seem to make it work. My CSV upload results every-time in NULL values or not getting validated at all. I admit I’ve never worked closely with admin, but steps and tutorials are not that hard to understand actually. It’s just I need a little help with a proper CSV.

    Can someone please give me a link to a proper CSV file? or show me an image of the proper file structure that’s accepted by phpAdmin tables pls?


    Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    Did you use the following headers in the csv file?

    wpsl_id, store, address, address2, city, state, zip, country, country_iso, lat, lng, description, phone, fax, url, email, hours, thumb_id, active ?


    Thanks for the swift reply and input! Appreciate it!
    However, I’ve been at it for some time now and eventually it DID WORK!:)
    I’ve just exported the addresses that were done in WordPress as “CSV for Excel” in phpAdmin (to get a basic mark-up of the fields)
    and just replaced the info in Excel with some “test addresses” and info from “Batch Geocode”.
    Saved as => CSV (comma delimited) (utf-8)
    and imported the whole thing as CSV (not CSV LOAD DATA)

    BUT! One thing to note: `
    If you use Mac Excel to save as CSV, it uses “;” instead of “,”.
    You need to correct it for “Columns separated with” before import.
    And put “\” for “Columns escaped with”.

    Then just hit “GO” and it should work like a charm!:)

    Thanks again for a Great Plug-in!
    Everything looks and works nicely! Fast support! )

    It might not be ultra-customisable in comparison to other popular versions but it has all the needed settings for a good “store locator” and just does what you want. For FREE. (Just like most plugs for WP)

    Yes, popular plugs for Store Locator are also free,
    BUT… They fail to mention that unless you pay 200-300$ or even more! for an ADD-ON, they don’t really function.
    (check for ex:
    Few small or starting businesses can afford that. And a few will. Especially if presented with good alternatives.

    Embarrassing question.

    Can someone please walk me through how to upload the CSV.

    I have my wp install on a google cloud server and have ftp and css access.
    I have not installed phpmyadmin yet..


    I would think that if you have your wp installed then the database exist already. Which means there’s an admin which you can use to manage database.
    (mysql, phpmyadmin)
    I haven’t worked with google cloud server yet. Not sure how it works exactly, but if it’s hosting your website, then they should have all the necessary info for “Control Panel” login as well as phpmyadmin (database).
    I work mostly with cPanel and database access is standard there (like most hosts), you can manage everything you need with your account there.

    For CSV guidelines check my post above.
    Good Luck. )

    Just a little addition.
    I only made it work when I exported the the “wp_wpsl_stores” from phpMyAdmin as “CSV” not the “CSV for Excel”!

    I created some stores in wordpress before to have the fields filled.
    then you can use the markup of the tables in Excel for pasting in your addresses and names and so on…
    just save as CSV again.
    Import in phpMyAdmin like “cst_surplus” mentioned:
    “Columns separated with” “,” and
    “Columns escaped with” “\”.
    that’s it..

    thanks everybody to make the csv import such a flow”!
    and thanks for the great plugin!!!

    Man, this topic and that Batch Geocode tool have saved me hours of work. Awesome, guys.

    hello to everyone
    I created an excel file with all addresses but I have so many spaces and sql returns me error when loading the file.

    There is a quick way to delete the space?
    to edit files I use atom for mac.

    Thanks a lot!

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