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    We use Storefront for our theme. Actually, we use a Storefront child theme through the Lilaea Media Child Theme Configurator.

    In the Kadence Configuator, the emails look terrific. When the customer gets the email, there is no formatting.

    How can we fix this? It has to be simple. But I can’t figure it out.


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  • I can’t recreate, I tested with storefront theme, can you tell me what if anything you are editing in your child theme.

    Can you tell me what plugins you have installed?

    Can you send me a copy of the email that you got so I can inspect it?

    Are you using an SMTP plugin for the email server?


    Hi Ben,
    Came to the support board to post that I am having CSS issues and saw this post. My theme is a custom theme and I am running Post SMTP (since my emails are sent though gmail). Strange thing is that some emails are sent with css and some are not. I have compared several and noticed that the client email server does not seem to make a difference. However, I have noticed an issue where multiple emails are being sent to the same customer. For example, my site is designed to create an account for any new customer. Based on my email timestamps: After their purchase they get a welcome email, I get sent a new order copy, and then an order receipt email. As far as I can tell, the welcome email (that fires first) has css and is formatted fine. The order copy email (to me) and receipt email (to them) has no formatting. Crazy thing is if I pull up a different order receipt (for a customer that already has an account, so they only got 1 email), the email has the proper styling on both their email and my new order copy. So it is not a problem with the template. Any thoughts?

    I’ve not been able to recreate an issue where styling is not applied. If you can provide me with information to recreate I’m sure I can find the issue.

    Is this the plugin you are using:

    Can you tell me what plugins you have installed?

    Can you send me a copy of the email you got that is not styled so I can inspect it?


    I’m also experiencing an issue with some emails displaying properly and others are missing CSS styling.

    In my case, the WooCommerce New Order, Invoices, Canceled Orders and New Account emails are working fine.

    CSS is not working properly for the Order Completed or Customer Note emails though.

    Not sure if this helps debug but the Order Completed and Customer Note emails in my situation are triggered when I print a label in ShipStation. The other emails wouldn’t involve a third-party triggering them.

    I’m using the WPSMTP plugin to send emails – not the post-smtp plugin mentioned above. Also running a custom theme (not storefront).

    Running WP 5.2.1 and WooCommerce 3.6.4


    Yes, that is the SMTP plugin I am using.
    I just sent you an email with the information you requested. It seemed the common denominator was the new account email firing first has something to due with the lack of styling on subsequent emails, however on an order this morning I noticed they got a new account email and the proceeding emails (my copy and their receipt) styled fine. Now I’m not sure what is causing the lack of styling on some emails.

    So this is interesting… In my logs I keep noticing this:
    ERROR Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in selector >> #addresses tr td:nth-child(2) << in /homefolder/accountname/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/libraries/class-emogrifier.php on line 511

    Looks like “This class provides functions for converting CSS styles into inline style attributes in your HTML code.”

    Maybe this is where this issue is coming from?

    I’m having the same issue too. Some emails have the CSS and some are missing it. Also using default Storefront Theme, Post SMTP and the latest versions of wordpress 5.2.1 and WooCommerce 3.6.4 and Kadence 1.2.0

    Thanks everyone for posting, @wrobeson got me access to a development server where I could test and indeed the issue has to do with class-emogrifier.php I have a fix and update that will be out soon.


    Thanks a lot

    Great news. Thanks!

    Thanks for the update @britner. Seems to be working fine at the moment



    Hi! This does not seem to be resolved?

    I am getting the same error with the “Customer completed switch order” email under “New Subscription Details”:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /data01/virt81201/domeenid/ on line 35

    The part in question:
    <?php foreach ( $subscriptions as $subscription ) : ?>
    <?php do_action( ‘woocommerce_subscriptions_email_order_details’, $subscription, $sent_to_admin, $plain_text, $email ); ?>
    <?php endforeach; ?>

    Hopefully you can help me out, thanks!



    Hi @massiiv,
    This thread has been marked as resolved. Can you please start a new thread and tell us what version of the plugin you’re using? And also the theme you are using.
    Thank you!


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