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    Greetings. I’m running a 3.3.1 wordpress blog at NukeYourBrain.Com. It uses a slightly modified Rising Sun theme. I almost exclusively use Windows Live Writer to create posts. I’ve neglected the site for quite some time, and today I did a lot of updates to plugins and such. I’m not sure if any of that is relevant to my problem, but I figured I’d mention it just in case.

    Here’s my problem… I created a couple posts today, and the last post I created was a post with a <!--more--> tag inserted after some text. I’ve had no issues with this in the past. Today, however, when I added the tag to my latest post, the post title bar (css post .h2 me thinks) shrinks to about a little over half the width of the post body. It doesn’t change the layout of anything else, and when you go to the post itself, it’s fine too. I’m not sure what the issue is, but there are previous posts with the more-tag showing, and they have no issues at all.

    I’ve gone as far as completely erasing the post’s html, updating it, and rebuilding it from scratch in the HTML/visual editor. I’ve tried multiple image/text alignments, adding <p></p> tags to various elements of the code, adding </div> to the php more link reference in the index.php file in case there was a missing </div>(found in another support thread in the forums). Nothing worked. I was able to get the title bar to span the entire width by changing post display from inline-block to block, but that made the picture in the post to “bleed” over the next title bar.

    Nothing has changed with the CSS that I know of. I remember having this issue and fixing it in the past, but I was a much more attentive web admin then(no job means time to mess with code). If anyone can shed some light on this black cloud of CSS doom over my head, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


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  • Fuse – Note that this is the only post whose content does not fill at least one line of text. From a brief look at your css, I think the issue is that your post div does not have a specified width. It depends on text to push the div out to its full size. To test this simply add a couple lines of text to that post and see if it fills out.

    If that works the permanent fix (if you dare) is to edit your post class in the css file to have a specific width. Probably about 720px.

    Hope that helps

    Robahas- thanks for the input. I just tried it out and the added text length did it. You’re the man! I’m not one to post on forums asking for advise. I usually just plug away until I cry from insanity or I figure it out. I think you made a believer out of me. Thanks again for the help. I’ll change the CSS in the morning.

    Time for daddy duty now, and trying to get a hyper little 19mo to sleep lol.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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