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  • Sorry for the delay, but can you elaborate on what you mean by “css does not work”?

    Every time i upgrade to 2.45 from 2.44 of org series, I loose all css that is in there, and the classes and ids from the plugin seem to be lost. I use firebug to look at things on the site. When i open firebug and have a post that is part of a series, all formatting is lost. I have down graded to 2.44 as it all works there.

    I tried copying the 2.44 css and bringing it back after the upgrade to 2.45 to no avail.

    The behavior is the same on wordpress default themes so I assume it is not my theme (a custom one). I tried disabling all plugins and then just turning on Org Series…no dice.

    So I am at a loss on what is happening. I am reluctant to upgrade again as we get a great deal of business from the site and i dont want it to look wrong…However if you want to coordinate a time where I put 2.45 up and you look at it, I can do that, and then take it right back down when you are done unless you fix it then.


    David, do you use the default .css provided with 2.44 for Organize Series?

    I use the default file with some changes. I put those same changes in the 2.45 file, but NO styling appears whether i use your default css or my mods in your css file. If I put the css in the style.css file and then uncheck the css option in the org series admin, I get the same result, no css for org series, like i do using your default css.

    It appears to me that the html classes and ID’s are missing when I look in firebug at the code. So that would mean that the org series css would not work, because the identifiers for that are missing.

    I am pretty good with html and css, and am really stumped.

    I appreciate your help.


    This is definitely a weird problem you are experiencing, especially if you are experiencing the behaviour on default WordPress themes.

    I will look into this and try to figure out what is going on and see if I can reproduce. I’ll post back here when I’ve got something to report.

    Okay David I just ran some quick tests using the latest Organize Series code and I’m UNABLE to reproduce this. Here’s what I did

    1. First I loaded a default WordPress Theme (Twenty Twelve), activate Organize Series 2.4.5 and created a series with some posts in it.

    2. I viewed the home page and a post in the series to see what styling is showing and the default.css is working as expected.

    3. Then I went to the series options page and unchecked the “Use custom .css” checkbox and saved the options.

    4. I went and viewed the previous pages and now there is NO styling (as expected).

    5. Then I went to the orgSeries.css file and copied all the contents from there into the end of the themes style.css file and saved. I reloaded the previous pages and the styling had returned.

    So, I’ve verified that everything is working as expected and cannot reproduce your issue David. There’s a couple of things that can be happening here.

    1. Have you changed any of the markup in the series template fields on the “Series Options” page? By default Organize Series uses that markup for outputting series information (and hence uses any classes/ids set in the markup there).

    2. Do you have any custom implementation of Organize Series information in your theme in which the default templates mentioned above are NOT being used?

    3. Are you sure there are no other plugins installed that have stylesheets using the same ids/classes as what Organize Series uses (and that might be getting loaded later than the stylesheets for organize series).

    The above might get you pointed in the right direction.

    Yeah, I dont get it. Would you like to login to my admin and see the settings and see if you can figure it out? Remember I have customization added to your css file…

    If so, we can do that via private email.


    Hi David,

    I just realized you are a paid basic support user for Organize Series. If you can just copy the basic subject of this thread into the private support forums at we can continue troubleshooting there.

    Once you’ve done that, feel free to use the contact form on Organize Series to send me admin/login information to your website and I’ll take a look at it (just ignore the autoresponder when you submit the information).

    need your email address to add you as a user.

    please send to

    Okay David,

    I checked out your site, you have a problem with your style.css sheet.

    Here’s what I did (leaving organize series 2.4.4 running)

    1. I deactivated the “Use custom .css” option. And that resulted in the series styles missing (as expected).

    2. Then (using Google Chrome inspector) I copied and pasted the contents of orgseries.css (which includes your modifications) to the bottom of the style.css sheet. This resulted in NO changes, which it SHOULD have.

    3. Then I removed what I had copied and pasted and repasted it somewhere further up in the style sheet (I think right before some form css). Voila! styles appear.

    What this indicates is that somewhere in your style.css sheet you have a invalid css rule and any styles after that rule are NOT working. I also noticed other errors in your source so there are a number of things that could be interfering with proper page loading.

    Anyways, that will point you in the right direction. Since you are making customizations to the default .css, I strongly suggest you deactivate the “use custom .css” option and add your style directly to your theme style.css sheet and that way when you update Organize Series you won’t lose your customizations.

    I have use the w3 css validator to find and correct the errors. I can now put the css in my style.css file. I am going to try the update to the new version today. I will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for your help.


    It is upgraded to the current version. I moved the css to the style.css to reduce the calls on page download. Did that before the upgrade. It worked. Then upgraded. Had to hit Update Options Button but once that was done, the css is working fine.

    Thanks for your help. You are the best.


    glad to hear its working for you!

    I have another question… Should I go to your site, or is here ok?

    I want to create a page that lists all series in a TOC format.

    So if you do the sidebar widget it does that. is there a way to put that code in a post or a page so a listing of all series appears on a post or a page? if so, what code would that be?


    Hi Dave,

    Since you have the basic support license I’d appreciate all your support questions go on the private support forums. I monitor that forum MUCH more frequently than and priority goes to that forums (notice the time between your initial post here and my initial response 😉 )

    For purpose of any reading this thread however… the absolutely EASIEST way to do what you ask is via the use of the Organize Series Shortcodes addon. With that, you can just add a shortcode to any post/page to output a variety of different series information (including a shortcode for a list of all series).

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