• It does the job, but I’m just sick and tired to keep updating it. 2 updates a day? Are you f#%!% kidding me? Get your sh*t together, once a month is ok, 3-6 times a year is even better. It’s just waste of time and by now there is better options out there…

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  • Plugin Contributor Zach Skaggs


    I’m sorry for the inconvenience the update has caused you, but I would ask that you maintain a professional tone in this dialog.

    Last week we launched a complete rewrite of Ninja Forms from the ground up to make it significantly more stable and easy to use. We have an install base of 600,000 users, representing 600,000 unique combinations of hosts, plugins, and themes that we could not possibly have tested on ahead of time.

    Today we identified two issues that were unfortunately causing issues for a significant number of our users. We were forced to make a choice between updating twice in one day (one was planned, one more of an emergency patch) or letting thousands of users have broken forms on their site because of some specific host configurations.

    We will always, always err on the side of taking care of our users. The extra update meant a great deal to our impacted users. For others it was at most a minor inconvenience in the form of a dashboard notification which certainly does not warrant cussing us out in such an unprofessional fashion.

    I would also point out that if you are not experiencing the issues addressed in the plugin changelog, then there is no need to apply the update yourself. Plugin updates are, in the end, at the discretion of the site owner.

    If it were a minor fix, we would have waited. We deemed it urgent enough to release immediately and we have no regrets at all in taking care of our users.

    Again, we will always err on the side of providing a stable performance for our users over the incredibly minor inconvenience of a dashboard notification.

    We hope you and other users who may be annoyed at the extra update understand that we don’t do if for malice. Imagine if you were one of the impacted users and we refused to update because we didn’t want to bother anyone with an extra dashboard update? That would certainly be the more ridiculous situation.

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    Instead of writing 1000 word essays, try to spend that time wisely and test your product before pushing updates. 3 updates in a single day! Have you ever heard about automated testing? Internal testing? Focus groups? This rushing to release a fix for a problem causes 3 more problems every single time, and that’s the reason for your 1 star review.

    Plugin Contributor Zach Skaggs


    As mentioned above, the bugs applied to specific hosting configurations and did not show up in our own testing nor would any of your solutions have helped.

    Bugs happen in all software products. We fix them, fast.

    We stand by our product and our users. If rapid development, frequent innovation, and a well supported product aren’t important to you (as you mentioned in your initial expletive filled review)…there are plenty of alternatives and we wish you well in your pursuit of them.

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    @mch0lic You are an angry man. I suggest you STFU and seek some help. Your level of anger makes no sense. If your application is working fine then don’t upgrade every time an upgrade comes out. Have you ever heard of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Why not just apply your logic of 3-6 times a year on your own and only update at that rate yourself. If it was your application that was broken, you would be raising all sorts of hell trying to get it fixed. Based on your personality type, I think you would probably be the meanest SOB out there trying to get it fixed, so how about you back off a little?

    Get some help, man.

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    Well the typical process for upgrade is: backup -> upgrade -> test ( -> rollback if broken). When you have to do this for 10+ clients 3 times a day you might get upset too.

    Rapid development works great when you provide SAAS, not so much when you provide single component for large project and there are other components that depend on it. Yes I could easily skip the updates, and yes its possible when you 100% in control and when you not so much concerned about security issues etc, but if you do manage large network of sites where other people might decide to upgrade just because they think it’s ok (no matter how many times you say not to) and things break without recent backup you might rethink your position.

    … justifying the reason for behaving like an ass.

    Next time, consider starting your complaint in the tone of your last post here. You actually seem human!

    I/We get it. Frustration had set in. I, for one, can sympathize. Still, … hoping to see better from you in the future. 🙂

    Best to you.

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    Woohoo! Angry text messages! Hey now, just trying to bring some light to make this thread a bit more well rounded for the next reader. Don’t shoot the goofball.

    Ever end up in a room and wonder how you ended up there at this time at night? I’m experiencing that exact feeling right now. Except I’m sober. Woo-woo, woo-woo…you have now entered the twilight zone, Johnny! What’s behind door #1 – here we have angry man, @mch0lic ready to throw down and go rounds! Door #2 We have brow beaten @wpnzach attempting to defend his position, but Whoa! Door # 3 comes flying open with @mdpalow ready to fight angry man with thought provoking acronyms! Oohh, he’s ready to go up against misdirected testosterone frustration with brain power and sarcasm (such better ways for angry man to release that kind of built up frustration, know what I’m saying, Johnny!?! Kinda rhymes with sarcasm)! But never fret my pets! These guys made nice. Like many dudes do, they likely shoved this into a never open box, and moved on to the next thing in their compartmentalized brains! Having a typical female spaghetti wired brain, I’m going to remind them that this all started about 2.5 months ago, and I’m going to use it to win every argument against them until the end of time! Feeling sorry for my hubby yet? You should. (Evil snickers)

    Woohoo! No more angry text messages! (The crowd is applauding)

    The morale of the story? Stopping to laugh is more important than stopping to smell the roses. Sometimes your upper lip stinks, you’re sick, or the roses give you allergies and you’re too stuffed up to smell them anyways. But laughter can clear sinuses and gas, to which either causes more laughter! Oh, the other morale of the story is no coffee for me after 2 pm.

    A wise, but insanely freaky joker once said, “Why so serious?”

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