• I’ve been a user of Moveable Type, but after their licensing change with 3.0, I have been casually looking for a replacement. Since WordPress seems to be so highly regarded, I decided to give it a try. Just thought I’d post my critiques, for the record:
    1) What’s with the Pingback?
    I set up my weblog for friends and family only. I’m not interested in advertising my site to anyone (happily, I’ve never had to deal with a single piece of comment spam). I was distressed to learn that upon importing my Moveable Type entries, WordPress had automatically pinged back to some web site, and all of a sudden, I had robots and various strange sites pinging my site. My mistake for not going through all the options before doing the import, as I guess I should have deleted everything under the Update Services, but somehow I didn’t think that WordPress would Pingback imported entries.
    And why can’t I turn off this option by default? I hunted the documentation and the forums, and couldn’t find anything on the subject.
    2) What’s with the pluses and minuses for changing user levels?
    Why can’t I just type in a number to change the user level? If I have a level 9 user that I want to remove, it seems that I have to click the minus sign 9 times before I can get the red x that allows me to delete that user.
    As well, why can’t I seem to change another user’s password on the User page?
    3) GMT seems to be an hour behind. It’s true on the http://www.opensourcecms.com page as well, so I don’t think it has anything to do with my web server.
    4) Why can’t I delete the General category?
    I tried, and WordPress says no way. If I use other category names, why does this one need to stay? I’d just rename it, but because I have already imported all my categories from Moveable Type, I don’t have use for another one.
    Those were my biggest complaints. I came across some bug where the last entry that was imported refused to display on the weblog (even though it would appear in the preview section just fine), but I’m sure if I had removed that one entry and re-posted it, then everything should have worked fine. I must admit, the import was nearly flawless, and that pleased me! 🙂
    Overall, it looked like a pretty nice software. I’ll keep an eye on upgrades to see if I end up trying again at some future date.

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  • 1) I would say that you are the exception to the rule about pingbacks. A big part of having a Blog is connecting to other sites and blogs and ping back is a great way to do that. As blog software, there would be very little reason to not always have this on.
    You do make a good point though about having the option to disable it. Can’t deny that.
    2) I agree – That didn’t make a lot of sense to me either. However, my greivance is with the whole “level’s” idea – I want to be able to create user types, assign rights to those types, and then associate users with a user type. So my distaste for it is very different.
    3) No idea.
    4) General category is just the fail safe. Instead of doing 2 billion error checking if statements in category related code, they just force you to keep a general category around. Just don’t use it.
    I don’t know what all changes in the back end of 1.3 (some one else can address that) but I imagine it won’t address many of these issues.

    3) GMT an hour behind? If you’re in the UK, we are currently on British Summer Time, which is GMT+1. WP correctly shows the GMT time, not the BST time. You need to manually enter the 1 hour offset under “Times in the weblog should differ by”
    4) I know what you mean about that. I had a general category (but not called that in my MT installation. After importing, I deleted my old general category (which moved all its posts into the WP “General” category), then renamed the WP Category to match the old name. I’d rather having the option to designate any category as the default, but this worked fine for me…

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