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  • Ok so I have an event coming up, and I want to create a page in my webpage with content that the attendees can be able to download after the event (powerpoint presentations)and I would like to protect this information and make it available just for them, I was thinking of creating several users and passwords for them to be able to get them. Is it possible? How can I do it?

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  • Look on the right hand side of the Write page, in the Publish box -> Visibility: Public > click the edit link then choose Password protected radio button and set the password as you choose.

    I know I can use the password protected option, but I wanted to know if there’s a way for me to create users and passwords, not just the password option..

    Yes, this can be done.

    A) Do not allow users to register for site – this will make access easier.
    B) Use this snippet in functions.php to force users to be logged in to see it:

    add_action('template_redirect','my_non_logged_redirect');function my_non_logged_redirect(){if ((is_page(add_page_slug_here)) && !is_user_logged_in() ) {wp_redirect( '' ); die(); }}

    add_page_slug_here=page slug domain

    C) Create the users: Admin Dashboard>Users>Add New>Role=Subscriber>Check: Email PW to user.
    D) Instruct users to update their passwords and how to get back to the page (just add as a favorite first, click that when logged in) (if theme does not redirect on login)

    Same can be done for posts, cats, tags, archives, whatever conditional you want..

    Thanks! I would try that..

    Is there a way that users can not modify their profile? Can I create several users and passwords so that they can only access that info, but can’t modify anything about the user/password information? Is that possible?

    Robin W

    (@robin-w) Moderator

    Another approach would be to download the “restrict content” plugin.

    This allows you to restrict pages and post to a role level in the site – you can set this on each page or post.

    You can then set up individual users (with their own secret passwords) and give them say a “subscriber” role. Don’t let people register, you set them up after each course, you just need a an email address for them.

    Each “subscriber” user can then read the subscriber pages (and from there download if you want), but those without access at subscriber level can’t.

    Requires no coding!

    I use this to have a “members area” within my website, whilst letting general public see most of the site.

    Thanks Robin W!! That worked! 🙂

    Robin W

    (@robin-w) Moderator

    Pleased to hear !

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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