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  • I’ve been using counterize since I started blogging with WordPress approximately 1 year ago and now I am in serious need serious assistance.

    Here are the two issues:

    In the WP admin menu, I foolishly set the amount of hits to view to ‘0’ so that all of the hits would appear in the list. The reason I did this is because I was sued by a corporation for a post that I made back in October 2005 and need the hit counts for that time period. Unfortunately, now the Counterize won’t load at all. After a few minutes I get “Internal Server Error” I know the Counterize plugin is still working though since it updates daily on the main page of the Dashboard.

    1) Is there anyway to change this number from 0 to a smaller number so I can get the Counterize plugin working again on the admin menu? Maybe by directly editing the php file on the server?

    2) Is there a way for me to access the entire list without going through the admin page? My ISP doesn’t keep logs from that far back and I REALLY need the hit count for this page.

    Many Many thanks for any assistance that you can give.

    ascrules A T mac D O T com

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  • Angelo,
    Go to your admin area and type option.php (Should be wp-admin/option.php). From there you will see the amounts for counterize (counterize_amount). Change the value there and you should be in good shape.

    As for getting the data, the best thing to do is to login to your DB with phpmyadmin or similar and go to the counterize table to export the data.


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