• magestyx


    We have clients all the time that want woocommerce or other plugin wording changed, and this looks to be an excellent way to do just that without having to try and find hooks or filters specific to the function and output.
    But not only that – this plugin lets you change absolutely anything on the page, which could make it essential except*…

    I downloaded the plugin and looked through the code, and it looks straightforward and harmless in itself. Mostly it’s a WP wrapper for simplehtmldom on sourceforge, which grabs WP’s output buffer and does one last search & replace on it before serving. Very nifty indeed.

    *My only concern is as this plugin is so new and straightforward is if it’s been vetted to be secure enough for live sites. We installed on a dev site and it worked flawlessly. But this is seriously powerful to be able to change anything whatsoever in the final output code. Any non-admin access would be very dangerous. Should that risk be mitigated, we’d use this all the time. We’ll keep watch on this plugin for sure as it gets more usage and reviews.

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