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  • Hi
    Is there somewhere an overview of which permissions I should set on the different files and folders?
    I’ve been searching around a bit, there are several threads, but none really puts it down to something like
    – 777 for wordpress main folder – 644 for php files (just as an example)
    Also details on Group and Owner should be set to, would be very helpful.

    Is it important if my web host runs the server in SafeMod or not? (Mine does)
    Kjetil Flekkoy

    PS – found this, but it doesn’t make it clear to me:

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  • Yes, I was looking for exactly the same thing. I had a few troubles during installation, and although I got it all running, I’m now concerned that I’ve left back doors open and the security of the site is not as good as it should be. What I want is a list of folder permissions, folder by folder, or file by file, whatever it takes, to systematically go through and check the proper permissions are in place.

    Since there are so many different ways to configure web servers, there can never be an “absolute” guide to cover all scenarios. The link in the OP’s post is a great place to start — you just need to know what user is running apache…

    Another reference: Hardening_WordPress. See the File Permissions section.

    General rule of thumb is 755 for directories and 644 for files. But again, that depends on how your server is config’d.
    777 is never a good thing and should only be done temporarily…

    755 and 644 is best. 775 and 664 is often required on hosted services. 777 is to be avoided. If your host requires this setting, they are idiots.

    My blog(s) are hosted on Textdrive, on Pendrell. I have WordPress 2.5 on and it seems to be working fine, but I decided to go through and check up on the permissions set for the files and folders. I blogged my progress at
    so that I would have a guide to go on, since I have several WP blogs. Also there appears to be a paucity of clear, concise instructions written for the average wannabe-geek like me. I followed (mostly) the recommendations given in the WordPress Codex, with some modifications that I think are favorable in regard to security. Perhaps someone here would be kind enough to look over my guide and let me know if and where I have gone awfully wrong . . .

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