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  • Hi all,

    “just” a question: anybody has problems with coolplayer plugin??

    I use it on multiple websites and now I see instead the YouTube vids only a error message saying “This media can NOT be support to embed into the page, but you can download it by the following link.”…
    Is there a change from YouTube to not be able to use it anymore??

    I used it for several month, almost a year so I’m wondering. I did not change ANYTHING in my configs of the different websites/URL

    Greetings from La Paz Mexico


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  • Hmmm. I guess I’m the only having problems with that “thing” at the moment…



    Yeah I am also getting the same prob. But don’t know the solution only youtube vids are not working rest its playing everything.



    I was thinking that upgrading the WP has shown me this problem but 10 mints ago I just uploaded the old version 2.3.3 on my server but still the same problem. The RPC is also on my server. Youtube has not done anything. So, might be something wrong with the plugin. But don’t know what.

    Waiting for the right answer.




    One thing is clear that nothing is wrong at my end. I think youtube has paid something to coolplayer developers to stop the player n they stopped it now. Other reason can be that coolplayer depends on few out source servers so maybe something wrong with the servers.

    So, we should have some patience n the reasons will be up soon.



    I have the same problem. It seems that coolplayer does not support Youtube anymore…. or Youtube changed something in their code.

    A big part of my posts are useless now. oh no..!..!..

    you need the updated rpc.php for playing youtube:

    updated rpc.php


    Either that, or feel free to use the public coolplayer, at

    See this page for working youtube functionality.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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