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  • I like the over all design, very clean. My favorite part would definitly be the header graphic though I think that the font gradients could be smoother and that the forum link could be toned down slightly. But otherwise good work.

    It looks like the header div still has the original background underneath the picture you see?

    You might want to change that as there is no reason to load an image that is underneath another one. 🙂

    In safari you are having all sorts of issues. Might want to check that out.

    I’v come to the point where I don’t care. My last template was fine in Firefox and really screwed up in IE. I finally downloaded this and it works in IE and Firefox. I do not know enough about coding or have enough time to make it correct in eight different browsers. Thanks for all the comments so far guys!

    You should really fix your layout.
    No point in taking compliant xhtml (Michael’s Kubrick stylesheet) and making it non-compliant for no good reason. Revert to the original css and you won’t have your sidebar links all the way at the bottom, your left links pressed all the way to the left border of the browser, and big white spaces in the middle of the page! Put back in the margin tags and you should be good (also balance the </div>’s that are missing.)

    If you don’t fix it now, your layout will break in IE6.5 so you’ll have to fix it then anyway.

    Okay, Okay. I do not know CSS so is anyone out there willing to give me pointers or fix the site for me. I could work out a deal with someone if they wanted too.

    Well, I went ahead and changed some things. Can anyone tell me if it is working better? It tests out okay in IE and Firefox. How about the other browsers?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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