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    Hello, I am getting a recurring error in the wp-admin/ error_log. It seems to be occurring from once every second to every two minutes. The log file is building rapidly and I have to delete it frequently.

    I thought it had something to do with the Give donation plugin, but my hosting provider said it looked like it was the Groups plugin. I deactivated the Groups plugin for a few minutes and no errors were logged. As soon as I activated it again it started logging errors. The error always starts out like this:

    [30-Jul-2018 15:16:18 America/Los_Angeles] WordPress database error Unknown column ‘post_id’ in ‘field list’ for query SELECT wp_posts.ID FROM wp_posts INNER JOIN wp_give_formmeta ON ( wp_posts.ID = wp_give_formmeta.form_id ) WHERE 1=1 AND (
    ( wp_give_formmeta.meta_key = ‘_give_goal_option’ AND wp_give_formmeta.meta_value = ‘enabled’ )
    ) AND wp_posts.post_type = ‘give_forms’ AND ((wp_posts.post_status = ‘publish’)) AND wp_posts.ID IN ( SELECT ID FROM wp_posts WHERE ID NOT IN ( SELECT post_id FROM wp_give_formmeta WHERE wp_give_formmeta.meta_key = ‘groups-groups_read_post’ ) UNION ALL SELECT post_id AS ID FROM wp_give_formmeta WHERE wp_give_formmeta.meta_key = ‘groups-groups_read_post’ AND
    etc. etc. etc. it’s very long!

    We have used both of these plugins for a few years and keep them updated. Do you know what might be going on here? Thank You!!

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  • Hi Kallym,

    Thanks for mentioning and for adding your debug output.

    I have noticed the issue when Give plugin is installed mentioning that a db table is missing related to Give plugin. However, this needs to be further investigated why there is this incompatibility between Groups and Give.

    For the moment I would recommend you to go to Groups > Options and disable access restrictions for the post type Form give_forms, in order to keep using Groups restrictions for your site apart from donation forms created by Give.

    Kind regards,

    I disabled access restrictions for Forms give_forms and purged all caches, but the error is still being recorded several times a minute. All I can do for the time being is go in and delete the error log every few days. I did put in a ticket with Give and they created a github issue at

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Kento


    It seems that this plugin is using its own table to store meta data instead of using the standard postmeta table. I don’t see why that table is even created as it has the same structure and it seems to be used to pull meta data for the custom post type. But I’m not really familiar with that plugin, it’s just what I saw from a quick look.

    This table has a column called form_id instead of the usual post_id used in postmeta and that seems to be causing the issue. Unless this is changed, I don’t think that the plugin is going to be compatible with Groups. Maybe it’s a good suggestion to rethink the design of that table to see if it is even needed or they could just work with the normal postmeta instead? Easier to maintain IMHO …

    I will close this topic as this isn’t something we can handle from within Groups.

    Thank you! I have contacted them and will follow up to let them know what you’ve said. 🙂

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