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  • Hi guys would you please help me, am using WordPress 3.0.3 & the constructor theme, am getting a weird error whenever I try to change my background image from the images tab inside the constructor theme Customize options list, the error is as follows.

    Server error.
    The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

    my website is it’s under maintenance so am not sure if ppl can see the code or not.


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  • Hi,

    We cannot see anything on the site when you have wp-maintenance enabled.

    Does the problem still occur if you disable wp-maintenance mode?


    I’ve been using this particular option for the last month under the maintenance mode & was working fine … now I removed it for you to see the code & it’s still not working.

    Gives the same error on this page only

    Have you added a new plugin recently?

    First place I would start would be to disable all plugins to see if the error goes away, then re-enable one by one until the problem appears again.

    Yes I added some plugins yesterday … but now I deactivated all of them & I still get the same error :-S

    I think that a plugin has ruined my theme files, what would happen if I removed it then installed the same theme from a fresh copy?

    Have you made changes to the theme function file?

    Do you have the theme available locally where you could take a look at the theme files?

    Not at all I don’t touch these things, I do have a copy & there are no changes … but now I tried to update the Constructor theme as I was offered in my dashboard, it failed & removed my previous theme files :-S

    I think my back is to the wall now, I’ll have to start all over again 🙁 !!

    If you have the theme locally, and haven’t made changes to the theme, I recommend uploading a fresh copy of the latest version to see if it helps.

    That’s what am trying to do right now, but for some reason there are files remaining in the constructor theme directory on my server access is denied & can’t even rename this particular folder, the fresh copy refuses to be uploaded cause the directory name is taken …!!

    Not sure who your host is, but you may want to contact them if you’re having server access issues. This in itself can be causing problems with your install.

    Just did, every directory was ok except for that one … they managed to remove it & now installing a new fresh copy

    Thanks a lot I know I’ve been a headache, but I freaked out cause I have to launch the website by tomorrow night 🙁

    Oh awesome!

    Let us know if everything comes up correctly.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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