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    Hi I’m having issues figuring out how exactly to set up the confirmation email to customers.

    Your site is bare so there is no information there and I don’t want to leave a 1 star until I’ve reached out to you.

    It says:
    Customer email
    Recipient mail (Choose field to receive notification (field needs to have email validation))

    And there is nothing to select. I added a place that says “email” in my form so I’m not sure where to go from here, and I’d like to get this working asap.

    Thank you.

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  • I am using this plugin and that is an unfair rating to give because you didn’t read the instructions. You have to have an email field in your form to set the customer email. Just saying that it’s so simple and not a reflection of the plugin at all.

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    It’s nice to know that you have an opinion troll.

    How about you share it where someone cares to listen?

    It’s my rating, therefore it’s my experience. Are you saying I’m not allowed to express my experience because it doesn’t suit you?

    Let me point out something to you. I did read the very VERY bare instructions. I even reach out to CS and to this day haven’t gotten a response from them.

    Case closed. If your site is empty and your CS is nonexistent; you’re done. That in itself is a major reflection of this plugin.

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