• Lousy. I am an admin and I needed it to receive notifications when someone leaves a “pending post”, but instead he sends me horrible emails with very long links when I publish the note that was pending. In other words, it informs me about what I did. Completely useless.

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  • Plugin Author 99robots


    Not sure what the 1-star is about simply because the plugin doesn’t do what YOU wanted. Instead why not ask politely if it’s possible to add it in the future or if there’s another plugin that does what you want.

    READ the plugins’ documentation here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpsite-post-status-notifications/

    If your use case is documented there, then it does it. If not, then it does NOT.

    This is why people can’t have nice things plus support for FREE. There’s always ridiculous people asking for the world without so much as a courtesy thread. Instead, you’d rather resort to a completely invalid review that has nothing to do with the plugin’s functionality.

    All the best to you in life. Thanks.

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