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  • Resolved kisschanel


    The email complaint is a non-working email. I received a “mailer-daemon; Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently”.

    Is there a different email address to report a forum related complaint to?

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  • well that’s weird
    should work

    I’ll add a modlook tag and maybe one of the other mods know better

    Still need help with this.

    I’m curious as to why the other forum post was deleted where I remarked someone was being unprofessional.

    I’m curious as to why the other forum post was deleted where I remarked someone was being unprofessional.

    Exactly. The report I need to send in was in reference to that same thread. Now that same thread has “mysteriously” disappeared. Regular users do not have access to deleting their own forum posts so obviously, a moderator deleted it. Thus, deleting the PROOF of the unprofessional behavior of a moderator and the unfair banning of my other account.

    Since the original thread is deleted (the url was, isn’t it fair to also unban my other username?

    Something fishy is going on. I saw the Moderator’s unprofessional comment with my own two eyes.

    Something fishy is going on. I saw the Moderator’s unprofessional comment with my own two eyes.

    Thank you!

    I tried to rectify the issue again and he’s noted being rude towards me again here as well and he closed the topic, refraining me from making any further replies:

    Like I’ve stated before. I was wrongfully banned from the username “chanel” and I need to have this reported to the proper authorities to get my account back.



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    I think it might be best to just let it drop and move on. I’ve looked at the thread, and to be fair it may be that a few swear words were dotted around, stuff escalated and it got a bit out of hand, but the facts remain as they are – the theread was deleted and that’s that.

    Although I didn’t see the unedited posts, I don’t think that anyone was being particularly “unprofessional”. I think it’s a legitimate response to close down a thread when someone is repeatably swearing – this forum is supposed to be “family friendly”. Likewise it’s also a resonable response to block an account when the person using it is coming across as particularly antagnoistic – the decision to do that rests with the moderator concerened really.

    Of course you’re free to complain to the Automattic staff if you wish, one of them (or another mod) could release your account, if they are so persuaded.

    Something fishy is going on. I saw the Moderator’s unprofessional comment with my own two eyes.

    I deleted the thread – any mod or admin can still view it, however.
    as for unprofessional – so swearing is ok on your blog – not here – get over it
    if you don’t want to see [moronic expletive deleted], then don’t drop f-bombs

    Thank you for your reply mrmist.

    As I stated in the thread that was deleted, I didn’t know posting my url, that had that one curse word in it, was against forum rules. That’s why I went back and edited the post and added the * to the word. The moderator did not make it clear to me that not even the asterisk was allowed. He just went ahead to continue to talk to me in a snide manner, claim that my website was NSFW and banned me. My IS safe for work, plus I’ve been posting my issues for years here using the same website url/content & no one stated that it’s NSFW and that I must cease posting it.

    All I was doing was trying to get an issue resolved and I was making comparisons to 2 websites of mine that are on the same server. I didn’t get a warning or a reason why the content of my thread was removed.

    Overall, I was treated unfairly.


    I wasn’t swearing at YOU or towards ANYONE on this site. I wasn’t purposely trying to drop f-bombs. I linked one of my websites that had a swear in it and then I inquired why you removed the content. You failed to communicate your reason to me. You made it seem like I was just going off in tangents with cursing when I was merely trying to understand WHY I couldn’t link my webpage to the forum topic.

    I feel like you’re harassing me now. Following me to every topic I create, looking for a reason to argue.


    By the way, The word was only mentioned twice. Once when I linked the url, and then a 2nd time when I was stating that the word is in the url and was wondering why I am able to still access that site from work.

    I am still in need of a working email address to report my issues to.



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    Hi. FWIW and as I just said in the other thread just now, your main site entry page has a massive graphic on it with the F-word in it, so anyone visiting is going to have a nice taste of that, and that pretty much classes as explicit content.

    It’s not particularly against the rules here to link to explicit sites, but they do need to be marked with a warning to prevent people dropping on by mistake and potentially causing themselves grief e.g. if they are at work.

    I don’t think SamuelB is intentionally following you around, either. It’s common for members of the moderation team to keep a look out if they’ve been involved in a dispute with someone.

    Frankly since you’ve registered another account, I’m not sure if there’s any fruit in leaving a block on your old one, but I’m going to put that to the rest of the team before doing anything.

    What does FWIW mean?

    And you’re right, I don’t see the need or even the purpose of blocking my other account, over lack of communication. It’s not like I’m going around linking porn everywhere and harassing other forum members. I didn’t understand the issue, nor was the issue told to me in a proper manner. So I’m not the only one at fault here, yet, I’m the only one being penalized for it.



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    It means “For What It’s Worth”.

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