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    I have some plugins which shows “3.8.1” as the compatible version but when I checked the’s page, it says compatible up to “3.9”

    I have read a post before ( which says that this plugin reads compatibility information from readme files. I am not sure if there is a better solution but I think the problem is that many plugin developers simply update the compatibility version on and thus the update is not reflected by this plugin.

    This makes the plugin much less useful as we still need to manually check the page and we’ll certainly lose track when dealing with many plugins.

    If there isn’t a better solution, perhaps you can consider the following feature:

    A feature which allows us to override the compatible version by manually entering the version. At least, after we manually check the’s page, we can manually put the version in as a way to keep track. Otherwise, it’s really hard to distinguish between which plugins are not compatible yet and which ones are already compatible (but just the version not displayed correctly).


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  • Plugin Author Chris


    I had the same problem and found a quick fix.

    If a plugin does not have a readme file, it checks the WordPress repository. So I just disabled the readme lookup and made it always check the repository.

    There are several ways to disable it, most coders would simply delete the relevant code and if/else blocks (starting at line 173) or turn the same code into comment code (so the original code is still there).

    To keep things simple for the average non-coder, the easiest way to do this is to change line 173 of the plugin from

    if( file_exists( $bpcc_readme ) ) {


    if( file_exists( $bpcc_readme ) && 1==0 ) {

    This effectively disables the check (because one is never equal to zero).

    Now all the version info is pulled directly from

    One small issue: it will take a little longer to load the plugins page if there are large number of plugins (70 plugins took 25-30 seconds to load, where before it only took 6-8 seconds). It wouldn’t be difficult to cache this information as a database transient so that the page loads faster most of the time. If anyone needs this, I’ll work on it.

    Plugin Author wpseek


    Hi Web2Guru, as I’m quite short on time at the moment so I don’t think I can work on improving the plugin at the moment.

    What I can offer is to give you commit access so you can work on updating the plugin with the agenda you posted here:

    Interested? Please drop me a line at scripts (at) schloebe (dot) de

    Plugin Author Chris


    Hi Alphawolf,

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’m in the same position, limited on time, but I’d be happy to work on this when I have a little free time. It might be a week or more before I can post a proper update, but I’d love to do whatever I can.

    Plugin Author wpseek


    Hi Web2Guru, thanks for stepping in and helping out. 🙂 No need to hurry here. As long as the plugin keeps being maintained by any both of us every once in a while, it’s okay.

    I just granted you commit access to the plugin. If you need help on getting started or have any questions on the plugin code, feel free to ask anytime.

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