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  • Each comments <li> tag has id="li-comment-<?php comment_id(); ">

    Remove the “li-comment-” part and it will work.

    Note: I don’t know exactly what is inside the <?php ?> tags, but keep whatever it is and remove the li-comment-

    Thanks, I tried what you say but nothing happened, I stay at the top and not redirected back to the comment.

    Anyone else have any idea about this ?

    I just tried to take another look at your site but it’s not loading right now.

    try now, it is working fine.

    Whoops, it looks like I told you to remove the wrong part…remove just the li- part, leaving comment-<?php comment_id(); ?>

    After leaving a comment you are redirected to where #### is the comment id.

    thanks, it worked but it takes me to the top portion of the comments section and not to the comment just posted.

    Find style.css in your theme and change:

    line 1078 from:

        float: left;
        padding: 8px;


        /*float: left;/**/
        padding: 8px 8px 25px 8px;

    There are some other CSS styles for .comment-body, but leave them as they are.

    Yeah now it is working perfectly fine, thank you so much 😀

    Is it possible to get this plugin to work with the Disqus comment system? I have it installed, and tried commenting, but nothing happens.

    Or is there an alternative that works with Disqus?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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