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  • any suggestion on the plugin to use for comments quicktags?

    I tried using the comments quicktags from here


    I’ve downloaded the latest version on the dl page, upload the files and activated it but the quicktags are not showing up on my comments page either. Is there a code or something I should add to my comments template to run it? Thank you 🙂

    I’m using wp 2.0

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  • I downloaded and activated on my test blog and all went well. When I look at your source I don’t see any of the code that was added to mine upon activation.

    I’m wondering if some other plugin you have installed might be affecting it. Like maybe that emoticon bar. Try to deactivate it and see what happens.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    Hmm.. no idea either, I don’t think its the smilies though because lots of people are running wp grins with the quicktags. Can’t get it to work, the quicktags just don’t appear. Help anyone?

    🙂 Thank you

    I know this sounds trite, but you could disable all your plugins, activate your comments quicktags to see if it works, then if successful, you could re-activate your plugins one by one, until you find the culprit.

    TRied that but couldn’t found the error either

    I uploaded a copy of my comments template

    Did I miss out something that needs to get it working?


    So you disabled ALL your plugins, activate ONLY comments quicktags and it worked like a charm?

    After successfully getting it to work, you then activated all your plugins, one by one, checked output on your site per individual plugin, and now it doesn’t work, right?

    If that’s the case, I’d imagine there’s a conflict somewhere with another plugin. By activating them one by one, you’d have come across the conflicting plugin.
    Then its just a matter of which plugin is more important to you.

    If by some chance your comments plugin didn’t work, while having NO OTHER plugin running, I would go back to the original source and download the file again, making sure there’s no whitespace if you copy&pasted a text file then converted it into php and upload again.

    It don’t work with all de-activated?

    Checked, no white space..

    That’s why I find it weird.. I thought my comments template was missing with something =x

    Help anyone?

    Did you insert relevant quicktag code into your comments.php? Just before <form / and probably after comment <textarea, depending on where you want the quicktags to appear?

    Erm, I couldn’t find what code to enter there? The read me mention that it will be automatic working. Any idea what code to get it working? Thanks 🙂

    It works automatically. But out of the box it does nothing but add an admin menu. Within that menu you need to manually add thh quicktags you would like.

    Erm, as in? I don’t get it. So what do I have to do to get it working? Thanks..

    I’m referring to comments quicktag, not the admin quicktags 🙂

    @ Truth – wanna know what’s really weird? I thought I’d download the comments quicktags plugin myself to see if I could get them it work on my site, so I could help you out, and glory be…

    I uploaded, activated the plugin, refreshed my site – got a fatal error about line 65, went to my plugins page to disable the plugin and whatya know. The plugin’s disappeared.

    That’s right. Spoof! Gone. Zapo.

    Not there anymore, Jan.

    Gotta love those js quicktags. I think I’ll stick to html.

    Eekk! Update;

    I went to delete the darn thing via FTP and its not even in my plugins folder on my server – so where the hell did it go?


    Duh! Found it. I need to wear my glasses more 🙁

    Another update – after opening up the plugin and actually reading the contents – which helps, double Duh! – I noticed that it’s referring to wp-includes/js/quicktags.js instead of wp-includes/js_quicktags.js.

    So if I change it to, say, wp-admin/js_quicktags.js which is where I have my js_quicktags.js file, it just might work.

    I’ll get back to ya all.

    ok. Still having probs, too. The prevous line error I mentioned is 64 not 65.

    This is the culprit: $thisurl = get_settings('siteurl') . '/wp-content/plugins/' . plugin_basename(__FILE__);

    @truth did you pull any errors?

    Thanks katie1 for the response 🙂

    I’m using this one here

    it doesn’t have the js_quicktags.js though…

    my quicktags.js is inside


    don’t have any errors when I run mine though that’s why I find it weird. No errors or anything, it just don’t work.

    Una solucion es cambiar la linea

    ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ . plugin_basename(__FILE__);


    ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ . basename(__FILE__);

    eso funciono para mi, por lo menos. Si quieren agradecer ir a COLABORAME

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