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  • Is there anyone intimately familiar with the comment-functions.php file–specifically, the get_comment_author_link() function? I cannot figure out why the $return is limited to passing only two attributes in the ANCHOR tag.

    You can pass an HREF and a REL as it was set up originally. You can pass an HREF and a TITLE. You can pass an HREF and a CLASS. You can pass pretty much any two ANCHOR elements you want (as far as I can tell,) but once you add a third or fourth, such as HREF, TITLE, and CLASS, you start getting errors.

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  • It seems to me that there is something going wrong in the filtering of the $result.

    Not sure how that piece of wordpress works, but I guess the produced HTML is validated and produces an error.

    I finally traced the problem to the global apply_filters() function defined in wp-includes/functions.php. That filter limits the function to two arguments. Does anyone know how vital the limitation of two arguments in the apply_filters() function is to the global functioning of that filter?

    Okay, I’m an idiot. I keep trying to chase down the most complex solution to a problem rather than going straight to the simple and obvious. For anyone else that may be modding their blog and trying to deal with this problem, I did finally track it down–at least for what was happening on my site.

    It isn’t a limitation of the functions at all. It’s an interaction with Google Analytics. When you use Google Analytics on your site, it automatically adds the Urchin Tracker JavaScript into all of your links–including the dynamically-generated comment author links. For some reason, that JavaScript addition (injection?) into your comment author links gets all messed up if there are more than two attributes.

    Hope this helps someone else not have to waste a ton of time trying to hunt this down.

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