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  • My only real issue I’m having with WordPress 2.0 is the comment count function. For some reason whenever WordPress tries to count how many comments a post has (even in the admin interface), it returns nothing unless I (as an admin) posts a comment afterwards. If I post, the count returns to the correct state.

    Is there an obvious reason for this I’m not missing?

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  • I’m seeing this too, in WP 2.0 RC3

    I’m seeing this too, with the difference that even when logged in as administrator when leaving a comment, the count remains at zero.

    It appears that my issue was related to an old comment spam plugin Spam Karma. After removing it everything “appears” to work well.

    Do either of you have a plugin similar to this installed?

    2 other people have reported similar issues pertaining to comment count. This could either be due to caching or import, I suspect.

    I too deactivated the SpamKarma plugin, and this seems to have resolved the problem.




    See this post to the hackers mailing list for a little more information.

    I have the same problem, but I don’t use the Spam Karma plugin. I just deleted a some 1,000 spam trackbacks that somehow came along when I migrated from Nucleus. Seems that the comment count still counts them in, though. Can I reset the comment count manually?

    I also have a comment count problem. Although a posts have comments, it displays “no comments”. This only occur on (some) new posts (after the WP 2.0 upgrade). I dont use Spam Karma.

    Anyone know what to do?

    I have tried the “sk2-wp2compatibility” plugin. No good for my problem.

    Had the same problem – Comments weren’t counting. There might be several posted comments and it would show them but say at the top “no responses for…” And olderposts with new comments showed the old count.

    I did the procedure – turned off Spam Karma and then went in and edited the comments of at least one from each post. It brought the count back.

    I need Spam Karma – it cought 55 spam comments this week.

    Image ones are hard to install, what should I do? 0 I’ll check the Spam Karma site. I don’t know If I can go edit the database..

    Thank’s Skippy, that did the trick. I just put in the SK@ Comments plugin and it worked. Anyone try upgrading to the latest SK@ beta release?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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