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  • Not trying to be funny here – and it’s nice to see the WP self advertising, but could codex announcements be put into something like the Misc forums? They’re useful, but not really support per se – you could announce every area, and that would fill the entire block of recent entries and shift actual, genuine support questions to the bottom

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  • The posts which you see right now on the front page are stickied in different forums.

    Codex is very much support – support for every user of WP, from the complete “my first blog” user to the “I know PHP backwards” user and it is there to represent the huge amount of knowledge that we have put together. To not have clear paths to Codex is to not acknowledge the contributions of it’s many hardworking contributors and also does a disservice to people wanting more information about WordPress.

    These few posts may indeed have bumped a couple of posts down, but the forums are being looked after and this very very temporary blip will be far outweighed by the benefits to our many other users.

    aye i undertand podz, but i only saw a few posts and wondered if we were to expect a mass flood of codex related announcements

    No 🙂
    There may be one or two more, but the stickies we have and their use will be altering slightly over the next week.
    Disruption will be kept at a minimum etc …

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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