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  • Hey everyone –

    I am looking for a plugin that will function essentially like Google Docs, but within our WordPress site.

    We have a login-section of the site where different folks we collaborate with can share documents, but they currently have to download the documents onto their personal computers and then edit them and upload new versions. Ideally, they would be able to edit the document within their browser and then save the changes. We also want multiple people to be able to have the same document open at the same time.

    I’ve looked into WP Document Revisions and other similar plugins, but what we’re looking for is more cloud-based editing, not version tracking. The site is our organization’s primary website and the collaborators are partners outside the organization, so using the WP blogging capabilities to edit a document is not an option.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Would love to hear any thoughts on this.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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