• Resolved Patrick_D1985


    Hi guys,

    As noted I went pro when it became available.

    Love the sound options, analytics and so on.
    (Would love if sound could be set easier though … now I had to override the plugins included sound files to do so)

    But that was not the reason of this topic;

    I did notice an issue though;

    – The close button does trigger the cookie BUT it does not close it’s parent anymore in the latest release.

    – Also I just noticed that closing does some other behavior then I would expect; It stops the entire notification setup for a session. Where I was expecting it to close just that specific notifcation (I think that should be made more clear on both backend and frontend in a way).

    Hope you can look into these things.

    Kind regards and all the best once again!

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  • Plugin Contributor Priyo Mukul


    Hey, @patrick_d1985

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    We are looking into this things.

    Priyo Mukul

    Plugin Author Rupok


    Hi Patrick,

    We have addressed and fixed the cookie issue already. Will push an update soon. And we are working to improve the sound feature too, hopefully there will be option to add custom sound file.


    Hi Rupok!

    Great to hear.
    Looking forward to those changes in the future.

    Keep up the great job you are doing with NotificationX.

    Best regards,
    Patrick Dankers

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