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  • thank you very much, for sure going to call them out on it right now.

    I have no idea why people do that when its opensource and I’m responsive and willing to work with most anyone , even add them as a full commiter if they wanted … ugh and not even going to add my name to the credits or anything … bleh.

    Its obvious from the screenshots that its a fork of my code …

    Oh nothing I can do except keep on trucking and call them out on it …

    Thanks @martin

    @brandon hi,

    I admit and have no reason to hide the fact that the idea came form your plugin but nothing in my code even looks like your so saying its a fork of your code is …

    And Seriously if it make you happy I’ll add your name in a credit remark.

    Nope, i was just a little disappointed at seeing it even using the same css styles for the tabs and a few other obvious things in the code even though yes you have changed most of it over to use classes instead of the traditional wp procedural way without so much as even contacting me to see if I was open to collaboration … the almost 5k users of this plugin could have benefitted from any improvements you might have added.

    And if I would have said no or we just did not click enough to work with one another then sure! Fork it , make improvements , thats what its about !! Its GPLv3+ for a reason and I fully am a believer in OpenSource having been a Ubuntu Core developer since 2006 and many other projects before that …

    Six to one, half-a-dozen to another … but no I’m not looking for arbitration, although it would have been a nice hat tip considering the hours and hours I’ve put into this plugin but not the real reason I am disappointed but instead I’m moreso disappointed that like I said not even a email, tweet, g+ comment, support request or ANYTHING to even see about working with one another.

    I do like some of the admin area improvements so I will be snagging those for my users as they will go along nicely with the other admin options that I already have slated to push up soon, so indirectly “thanks” from all of them, I’m sure they will enjoy the improved UI.

    Good Luck with your plugin.

    *heading back to work on more fixes and improvements*

    I feel like i have to reply yet again 🙂

    1. The CSS used which you are “accusing” me of forking from your plugin actually came from here

    2. Using classes vs “traditional wp procedural way” : This is not really the case for so long and if you look at some of my other plugins that i have published here you will see that it’s the way i code all of my plugins and not some “cleaver” way to cover up a “forked code” like you make it out to be.

    3. Like i Posted on my blog the main reason for creating this plugin is actually to test out another plugin I’m working on which is some kind of a boilerplate maker for plugins and I din’t think i have to contact you for creating a plugin From Scratch to test my code.

    4. I’ve worked on countless of Open Source projects and Am myself a true believer of the Open Source Way. That way any of us plugin developers are here supporting our plugins which are released freely.

    5. I like your plugin and think that it does a grate job in doing what it does.

    6. I’d be happy to contribute to your plugin and help out if you want. But “forking” your plugin was not the reason for creating the plugin or did i even fork your plugin.

    7. I’d be more the happy to collaborate with you on this or future projects and would even ask you to test out my “boilerplate maker for plugins” plugin if you are up to it.

    And any way,

    Good luck.

    My niche is relationships. You what is the major cause of most relationship problems?
    Communication and understanding each other”s points of view.
    Both you guys are talented and both have the same objective to make the best commenting system plugin for WordPress and the very best outcome for what could potentially end up being a slagging match is to put aside each other’s negative thoughts and each agree you both have incredible talent and outlooks and ….. Collaborate!

    Now, take a big deep breathe and shake hands and be best buddies, OK?
    Positive objectives will always always win the day. And in this case, I’m betting you both have some yet to be discovered mutual rewards on the horizon too.


    @martin , right as always …

    @bainternet sorry if I came off a bit harsh, I’m sure you’ve been there.
    I’ll touch base with you over this weekend if that is cool with you and we can chat about doing some collab or more … kinda see where it goes 🙂

    I’m available most all weekend for G+ hangout if you like or just drop me and email at

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