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  • Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold



    you you access to the error log of the web server?



    1. I clear the logs.
    2. navigate to: “” and get the ‘internal server error’
    3. opened the log file in my server and saw the following message:
    “The specified resource does not exist. RequestId:d1e65075-99f3-4586-9184-9303c15907f1 Time:2014-06-28T19:41:30.5067455Z”
    4. To mention that i have the file: sitemap.php. Is this a permission problem?

    If this message doesn’t help, please guide me – what do you need exactly.



    Michael Bryner


    Same exact thing for me on Azure. Just clicking settings, gives me the exact error. Guess, this plugin just does not work on Azure websites. Just like some other plugins. I don’t think it likes MSSQL server. There is no solution that I can find for plugins not working for MSSQL databases.

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    I will see if I can get in running on Azure. What exactly are you running there? I’m not too familiar with it. Just a normal VM with IIS installed?




    My site in Azure is a free site connect to MSSQL DB.
    You can register and create up to 10 free sites.
    Click here and take a look how you can build a WordPress site in Azure Platform.



    from WZhaoMicrosoft (MSFT) Azure Web Site forum in MSDN:

    Hi Guys,

    This looks like a plugin compatibility issue. Please comment out line 127 in wp-includes\SimplePie\Item.php.

    /* Remove items that link back to this before destroying this object       */
                    public function __destruct()
                                    if ((version_compare(PHP_VERSION, '5.3', '<') || !gc_enabled()) && !ini_get('zend.ze1_compatibility_mode'))

    It works for me after I commented out the red line of code.

    One more info:

    I was able to reproduce this problem on my local machine. So, this is not an issue specific to Azure Websites.

    The problem is reproducible as long as zend.enable_gc is set to off.

    So, you have another workaround which is set zend.enable_gc to on by putting a php.ini under your site’s root folder.



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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