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  • I would like to know if there is any way to change the html of a wordpress blog. For example how to change “About Us” to “About Me” on the home page. I am using a free custom template.

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  • If you’re referring to the post link, you need to change the permalink under the title section when editing the post.

    It’s actually an h3 element in my “default css”, which I can’t access either. There is style.css and black.css (a color option).

    css files hold the display style settings, bascially a set of rules that make your site certain colors or sizes etc. Your HTML would not be in css files.

    If you’re wanting to change About Us to About Me in your menu, you need to either rename the About Us page to About Me, or if you’re using WordPress’s built in custom menu system, you can go to Appearance > Menu’s and change the label for the About Us link to About Me (Though renaming the page itself is a better option)

    I’m sorry I need to clarify. The “About Us” is not a menu item. It’s actually in a section right above the footer. I’m using the “framed-redux” theme. I saw an example site someone else used with that theme and they have the wording as “about me”. Is there a way I can download the html and re-upload it?

    wp-content/framed-redux/bottom.php there is a <h3> <?php _e(‘About Us’); ?></h3>

    the _e(‘About Us’) that you can change to _e(‘About Me’)… technically the _e means it should be pulling it from a language file, but I didn’t see a language file included in that theme.

    Thank you, that worked!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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