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  • mmtf – The GUI doesn’t have a way make these changes, but editing your CSS does work. Note – please don’t edit our CSS files! Instead, make local edits, install and edit a child theme or use a plugin to add CSS.

    To update all your DTs, just declare the .dt_radio_choice and .dt_button classes, as you saw. To edit just buttons on a specific DT, note that all DTs are in a form, like this:

    <form id="decision_tree_area_9" class="decision_tree_area">

    To change the styles on a specific DT, find the form ID, decision_tree_area_9 in this case, and make specific CSS. For example, to make just the question buttons on this DT have a grey background and the answer buttons to be yellow, you could do this:

    #decision_tree_area_9 .dt_radio_choice { background-color:grey }
    #decision_tree_area_9 .dt_radio_answer_nolink, #decision_tree_area_9 .dt_radio_answer { background-color:yellow }

    We don’t recommend using these specific colors though, they’re pretty garish 😉

    We’ll be adding an easier, more user friendly way to do this in the future!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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