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  • I’m contemplating changing my WP address from to It seems easy enough to do BUT:

    1. When I change the address, and therefore the permalink, are the addresses to all my blog posts updated automatically? Or do I have to manually update them all?

    2. If I place a redirect from the old address to the new, and someone has a individual blog post bookmarked, will the redirect still work or does it only work for the parent site address?

    3. If I have links from one blog post to another, do I have to manually update those links or will they change automatically?


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  • That’s not just an address change. You are moving the site. See Moving_WordPress.

    Hi Esmi:

    I contacted my server and they told me that I do not need to change the folder name in my directory or move the files in any way; I simply leave that as is and change the WP and the site address in WordPress. My files will still be stored in the public_html/globalindieauthor folder.

    Is my server incorrect?

    If not, then I am not moving the site; I am just renaming the URL. Correct? If so, then do I still have to update all the addresses of each blog post, etc.?

    It really depends upon how your server is configured. See Changing_The_Site_URL.

    If I read this correctly, I can change the Home setting so that when people type in the new name they still get to my site. If I leave the Site URL alone, and I leave the file directly alone on my server, then the site still knows where to find the files.

    So in a stupid move I decide to see what happens if I change one of the addresses and now everything is messed up. Changing the address back is not fixing it. I can’t get into my original dashboard. I get a 404 error.

    When I go to I am taken to a log in page for and then I get a 404 error.

    If one goes to the site, the info is there but is now disconnected from the WP theme.

    Now I’m panicking and this is the last thing I needed. Now what do I do?

    Change the urls back. Except for specific situations, your Site and WordPress urls should be the same.

    I did. And saved the changes. Everything was as originally. But it’s broken. And now I cannot get back in at all. If you go to

    you will see the log-in page is not the WP template, and when I input my username and password I get redirected to:

    and a 404 error. I am completely hooped. How do I get back in? Can I get in through my server directory?

    You need to change both urls back to the original (ie the url where you installed WordPress).

    How am I supposed to do that if I can’t get into the dashboard? And it had been changed back. Everything was as originally inputted when I last saved it but now I’ve been locked out.

    I can edit the WP files through my server directory if I know which one to look at to see if “self-publishing” is stuck in there somewhere. Any idea?

    I have looked through the entire file directory in my WP site via my server: cannot find the wp-config.php. Does the file name differ in various WP sites? I am using PageLines.

    Scrap that. I found it. Let me check and get back.

    No. It is in every single WordPress installation. Usually in the root WordPress folder.

    Thank you! I found the functions.php and fixed it. I think I will leave this alone for awhile. Will experiment with an older site that I don’t care so much about.

    Now I need a drink. It’s only 2:30. Not good.

    Thanks for seeing me through the panic. Much appreciated.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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