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    I updated my site yesterday… and forgot to fix the Style css. page to have the page image tags float left. I went in today, made the change and I can’t get it to update. How long after I make a change to the Style css template should I have to wait for it to update?

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  • Remember to press CTRL and F5 simultaneously when viewing an updated page/site. Or try emptying your browser cache. This should ensure that your web browser fetches a fresh copy of the page rather than serving up an out-dated copy from your own cache.

    Also disable/deactivate any caching plugin(s).


    You would find editing much easier if you did it locally and did not use the editor.

    Funny you should mention that Root. I am ready for a lesson. The reason I have been so lost is my hosting Company downloaded everything on their server, gave me a password and sent me on my Way. Since then I have downloaded the wordpress stuff onto my computer. I assume this should allow me to do a fake site with no URL correct? My first question is now that it is all on here… how do I get it all to open?

    Ok. First things first.
    You need to install a local web server. There are packages that install, apache, php, and mysql all in one go. Its an essential first tool for a developer. So here it is:

    Then u install WP. Once or twice at least eg: current version and beta for testing if u want.

    Then load up some test data.

    Ask again and we will talk you thru it.

    If u want to start out in a pro and organised fashion install WP off the SVN. Ask here just before u reach that step.

    That was my next question. I took all the wordpress of my computer, downloaded the apachefriends, but then I thought. Do I download WP into that apache file or just back onto my computer. So I guess that means I am ready for how to install off the SVN?

    Are u sure u got yr web server installed and running ?
    Can u create and index.htm, find it and view it in a browser ?

    If u want to start out in a pro and organised fashion install WP off the SVN.

    Why SVN?

    and when u are sure
    on an apache web server all yr stuff/sites goes into htdocs…………install wp in there

    cos svn saves endless futzing as u know well esmi

    lol apparently not.. it is extracting one million files (exageration) Should I play with this for awhile and then get back to you?

    I made my own file… for the download to go into. Was that wrong? The site said not to use the C: area for the download

    current directy doesn’t match configured directry oops now what

    i am here
    but getting xampp up n running may not be a 2 minute job………
    depends on yr comp and skill set but omg it is worth perservering……..
    everything wp is so much easier in a good local environment

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 62 total)
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