• PeepSo has been installed on a couple of sites I work with for a few months now.
    The earlier updates in the versions of 1.7. range had their own pains and required tweaking other plugins, site settings and settings for PeepSo to get them fully functional after the updates. OK, growing pains for the team of programmers and getting their overall strategy together.. right.
    The last two rounds of updates for 1.8.0 and 1.8.1 have gone beyond that and have turned to hijacking the basic functionality of the sites. No longer does the posts page act as it did – PeepSo hijacks it!
    The authors/staff ave been silent concerning this recent behavior.
    You cannot count on this plugin to ADD a social community aspect to your sites now. Seems to me the new owners have decided that installing their plugin means site owners give up any control over their own posts.
    I cannot recommend this plugin as an ADDED social feature – since it hijacks the blog altogether now.
    If you want to turn total control of your blog site and postings to the social side of things, then this may be what you want.
    PeepSo definitely offers some cool social aspects to a wordpress site in a handy package, but you will want to take extra precautions with site backups to ensure your data stays accessible after each ‘update’. I personally no longer trust PeepSo.

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  • Plugin Contributor Matt Jaworski


    The Blog integration is an optional feature and has to be manually installed and enabled. The “blog comments integration” was one of the biggest feature requests and was added to meet the demand of the community. But still – that feature is disabled by default and absolutely optional.

    Unless I understand you wrong and you mean something else by “hijacking the blog”. There were no deliberate big changes between 1.7 and 1.8 and the version change was purely cosmetic.

    Plugin Author PeepSo, Inc.


    Hi @jukegs,

    Thank you for the review. Turns out under some very specific circumstances PeepSo did, in fact, hijack some navigation. That’s totally our fault.

    We’ve received support tickets regarding this and it’ll be fixed in the upcoming PeepSo 1.8.3. For those who are experiencing this problem, we can provide a quick fix that @jaworskimatt prepared.

    Should you be willing to give PeepSo another chance we’d greatly appreciate it.

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