• Be careful if you’re using a Plugin like Real Media. The ImageMagick Engine does not respect the Directory structure the Real Media Plugin creates.

    This issue most likely does not affect many people, so it’s just a cautionary note to watch out for and not a complaint about the ImageMagick Engine Plugin. Although it would be a nice addition to this plugin as a cool refinement.

    Also on the subject of PNGs, the compression is not optimal. Again, not the fault of this plugin, but the underlying ImageMagick binary or PHP implementation. Here’s the quick data – Original Image 353 KB (3599 x 937), ImageMagick Engine 123 KB (768 x 200), Standard WordPress 117 KB (768 x 200), Corel Product 33 KB (768 x 200).

    And no, the above is not a mistake or typo when noting the size of the ImageMagick VS Standard WordPress. And yes, the compression setting could be adjusted in the ImageMagick Engine configuration, but the above reflects the default of 70 (percent).

    Corel did an outstanding job given the image ended up a quarter of the size of IME or SWP. And zooming and inspecting the image on a 4K monitor showed no discernible difference. So sadly, doing it manually with Corel (or possibly other products) is the way for us to go right now.

    But still, this is a good plugin and this review is not intended to be derogatory or mean. But there are some refinements and improvements to made with it. Thanks for making the plugin.

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