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  • I would like to enable the users to browse the archive of a specific category (when that category is selected).

    Is it possible? Or do we have to make separate blogs for each category to be able to do this?

    Thanks for Your time!

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  • That’s “built in”…

    If your blog is listing the categories (typically in the sidebar), did you notice they are links? And if you click one, you get a list of posts in that category.

    If your blog’s template isn’t listing the categories (which would be weird) you can add that easily enough.

    Do you mean you want a specific page listing all the categories each being clickable links so the posts in that category are displayed.

    That’s what i did on my site, there was a link to my archives page which had 3 links (category, month, year). Clicking on category went to a page with all the categories. Clicking on a category would go to all the posts in that category.

    Is that what you are trying to do?

    Thank You for the replys!
    And sorry for my vague question… In my mind I consider “archive” to be the one sorted by month, say April, May, June, July. So what I want is that when someone is browsing a category say “Colour Management” he could be able to click on “April” and see all the Colour Management posts from April. Now is this possible??

    And by “browsing a category” I guess I mean “browsing the archive of a certain category”. So what I want is to have two filters, the category and the date?

    I am looking for this same functionality. Anyone find any plugins to accomplish this?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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