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    <p class=””>I was just looking at my review and have no clue how or when I gave this great plugin a low rating. I must have mixed it up with another plugin.</p>
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    <p class=””>Love the plugin, has saved me some time and headaches.</p>
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  • Hi Terry J

    Do not agree.

    I got the PRO version and the price is more than fair.

    There are two things that I really like.

    1: Auto hight for the IFRAME

    2: Unique URL for each new page/link from the IFRAME site. Meaning you ca deep link to a specific page on the IFRAME domain – like this page

    Thread Starter Terry J


    For each their own @mhdslg.

    I am talking about the free version and you are talking about the paid version.

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    100% sure

    I just wanted to tell you that I’m a happy paying customer ;o)
    And the site that I was referring to is a non-commercial site

    It works for me

    Perhaps it does not work for you, and that is fine.
    But to call it a money grab is to harsh for me.

    Plugin Author mdempfle


    Hi @texasbiz,

    what is the problem with the free version? Does something not work?

    I’m not sure how I should reply to this kind of comments.

    Let’s ask some questions first:
    Why do people not donate to developers of free plugins to honor their work?
    Are you getting paid for your work you do for other people?
    And what is wrong that plugin developers provide a free version for personal websites but also want some money for their work from professional websites where the owner does earn money with? Even the founder of WordPress (Matt Mullenweg) has free and paid versions of his plugins (e.g. Jetpack, Akismet)

    This plugin was free for quite a long time (~till 350.000 download) and a total of 15€ where donated.
    I spent really a lot of time (and still do) into this plugin and provide updates for new WordPress and browser versions, add new features and provide support for any answer that is asked.
    The price for the pro version was set by CodeCanyon and there you get a lot of additional unique features.

    So why it is a problem for you that someone offers parts of his work for free and is getting paid for his additional work?

    Best, Michael

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    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @mhdslg, I’m sure you mean well and I can see you’re posting kind-heartedly, but I’m going to have to step in because it looks like the OP is being ganged up on.

    Negative reviews are hard to take and when someone has had a bad experience sometimes that comes across in the wording of the review. That’s fine, people are allowed to be peeved at plugins and themes and we cannot disagree with their experience.

    What’s really important is to find out what caused the reviewer a bad experience. Finding the underlying cause of the problem can prevent the same experience for someone in the future. For instance, documentation can be improved to set expectations of what the plugin does do and does not do.

    Let’s leave the thread for the OP and the author.

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    Thread Starter Terry J


    @mdempfle I guess the review is a bit harsh but very disappointing to take time to install a plugin and then find out your are limited to usage (10K).

    Maybe if you made it more clear in the description there is a limit, people like myself would not find the plugin as a way to get upgrades. I do see some comparison links but they blend in with with text (not clickable).

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a free and premium version. I know the model well, do the same thing when creating software. We all have to keep the lights on and food in the pantry.

    One thing for sure, you have one dedicated user who believes in your plugin.

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    Plugin Author mdempfle


    @texasbiz. I will make this more clear in the readme in the next update. I don’t want to trick any users to buy the plugin. The should be convinced by the additional features they get. Every user who hits the limit and has a personal website actually gets a version with a higher limit by just contacting me.

    The limit is reseted every month and since the next version the iframe does then still work. Only a small message is shown below the iframe then.

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