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    hi, the theme is very nice but i don’t understand as show the carousel. please tell me where I have to start.

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  • Hi,

    You can add any post, page or product (any custom post type).

    Edit a page and in the right side, in a box titled “Carousel”, you can check if you want to display it in the carousel. Adding an image, it will be displayed in the background.

    Best regards

    I have checked the boxes to include images in the carousel and set the page to the Carousel full width. The images to not appear. Is there some setting I have overlooked? Thanks for any help.

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    Do you have featured image?
    The carousel is only displayed at home or when you use Carousel full width template.

    An url?

    Best Regards

    I can only upload once picture for the carousel. how do i add more than one?

    Thank you. I was able to figure it out. As I understand it the way to get multiple images to display is up post the images as a blog post and then select the box to show in the carousel. Works great. Now I just need to transfer my site to the server to go live. I now have database connection issues. Urg 🙂

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    To customize your carousel you need customize header.php (crate child theme!)
    Then, open header and customize the carousel writing your own WordPress and TheCartPress template tags (gallery, etc). The carousel html begins at 187 line.

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    I would like the carousel to appear on a aub page but not on the front page – is that possible?

    I have selected the full-width carousel page as the template for the page but no carousel appears unless I uncheck the “hide carousel on front page” option. However, then the carousel appears on my front page even though I am not using the full-width carousel template.

    Ok, I cannot figure out this carousel for nothing.

    1. I’ve checked “hide Carousel in front page” in Appearance>Boot Store.
    2. I’ve created a page called “Carousel”. It’s blank and I’m using
    “Carousel Full-width Template, No Sidebar”.
    3. I’ve made a post Title=Test Text=Test checked “Add to carousel of
    carousel template”

    The result when I display the page is nothing. I’ve tried checking “Add to carousel of carousel template” for the page I created called “Carousel” but still nothing”. Is there any documentation on an example of the Carousel?

    I also want to mention that if I show the Carousel on the Front Page, regardless of what I change, it displays all posts, even ones that the are not checked “Add to carousel of carousel template”.

    Hello ,

    I use bootstore template in my wordpress site. Please tell me how can i use side bar on Frontpage with some pages.


    Tell me what is size of carousel Image slider?


    I have strange problem. Carousel is not working as it should. The arrows don’t work (change the post: prev or next).

    I have tried installing the theme again. I even installed the whole wordpress, but it doesn’t help.

    …havent tryed to edit any .php files ect. Because I do not have competence to do it…

    Anyone? I really need to get those sites working (voluntary work for small sport club)

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    Hi, Please download 1.6 version, there are some fixes about this post: (template in subpage @nospam2k )

    Carousel background image: now has a cover style, so the image will be scaled to fill the carousel area. Anyway recommended size is 1170px*320px

    @pelikortti_wbw your issue seems a javascrip conflict, take a look to console to see javascript issues or try deactivating other plugins. (be sure bootstrap javascript is not loading twice)

    Best Regards

    Thanks sur!
    I got problem solved!

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