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  • I am using multi site. I have All-in-One calendar installed in the administrative section, but not activated for the network. All-in-One shows in my plugins for the site I am trying to change. It is activated.
    When I try to deactivate the site, my whole template disappears. I can only see a list of links to all of my stuff/pages, etc. I had to reactivate it to restore my site. I had previously removed the page that the calendar was linked to and removed the widget prior to deactivating. I want to uninstall completely. Doesn’t matter if multi site plugin is activated or deactivated in the administrative panel.

    Any ideas on what to do here? If I delete the folders/files off the server, what am I looking for? Is this what I have to do?

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  • Just as I predicted, crashed my site when I removed the folders associated with All-in-One. Restoring with a backup (hopefully) now.

    If you have FTP access, try renaming the All-in-One calendar folder. This forces a lot of plugins to deactivate.

    Glad I read your post, I think I may hold off on trying this plugin…


    The plugin works as advertised. If there are any issues, they tend to be with the template or another plugin and can, with a little detective work, be resolved.

    I’m running the plugin on two sites and had a few ‘growing pains’. One site was a new calendar installation and the other was to replace another calendar plugin. On the issues I had, between the Timely support folks and my theme support folks, the issues were resolved without losing a lot of sleep.

    If you do try this plugin, you will like it’s flexibility and ease of use.

    davejampole –

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am considering the All-In-One Calendar plugin on a site that is in development. I think I’ll try it. The plugin ranks highly, but the issues of concern are valid.

    If you think about the number of themes, plugins, etc. and the versions that exist, you’ll recognize that conflicts and a fact of life. What I look for is the ability to ‘overcome’ those conflicts and the Timely folks and the Artisteer (my theme authors) folks have gone the extra mile to get things working.

    I really liked the plugin, but I was wanting to uninstall because I am having issues with times showing incorrectly. This has been an issue I have dealt with in the past, and was having again. Different templates, same issue. I put in a time, it is correct on the add event screen, but when I update/save, the time shows up wrong. Sometimes, I will update and it looks fine, but then somebody emails me wanting to know why an event takes place at 5am! I have to go back in and change it. I don’t want to have to worry about constantly checking my calendar. I am a teacher at a school and have other responsibilities.

    I also wanted to try a different look. It is highly customizable and would keep it for that reason, but if I were to continue using, it would be helpful if there was a visual visual guide – even just a small popup mini picture – so that I can see what part I will actually be changing when I put in a hex code without have to save, go back in my site, check it, go back in the plugin, adjust, check again, repeat. Then I find that I changed the color and it actually changes more than that one thing. Also a control for the grid line colors. I know that I can change in a stylesheet, but would be much easier from the plugin settings.


    I solved the ‘make a change, view the change’ dance. I have a dual monitor system and I open the calendar on one, make the change on the other and simply click [F5] on the viewing monitor. If you only have a single monitor system, consider opening the calendar in one window and the edit screen in another. You can flip between windows and basically see the effect of your change in real time.

    Just a thought.

    I do that already. I’m sure if I fool with the settings enough I will understand or intuitively know better what it will change, but it would be helpful if there was a visual guide available.

    But this is getting away from the topic. Regardless of how much I like the plugin and it’s strengths, it does bother me that I cannot uninstall it without it messing up my entire site. I should NOT have to go through this to uninstall a plugin, working or not working. What if I have to turn it off to check for compatibility somewhere unrelated to All-in-One? I will never know what the issue is if when I deactivate, my template disappears.

    I agree with that you’re saying 100%. Certainly, any users should be able to deactivate a plugin with no adverse impact.

    Regarding the time display, you seem to indicate that you had that problem previously, solved it and it has now reappeared. Did the problem reappear after an update to your theme or another plugin? Given that there is no magic, something usually causes what you are experiencing and the trick is to identify the cause. The issue could, certainly be something in the plugin, but if that was the case, all users would report it.

    Could be theme related, or related to another plugin or any combination of that, or your browser, etc.

    You have to be a detective to identify where the problem lies. I will tell you that one one issue I was having, the culprit turned out to be my wireless modem! They did a remote reset and the issue went away.

    If you are running the Pro version, you can create a support ticket and get fairly quick support. Support for the free version is slightly more problematic.

    Good luck

    I didn’t actively solve the issue. It suddenly was fixed. I am not sure if it was a conflict, etc., but I read on the plugin support community forum other people having a time issue, so it wasn’t just me.

    It was that, and then, the view and category drop downs were not displaying right – they had scroll bars and weren’t dropping down. I figured that was a template conflict. Nevertheless, I tried to deactivate, uninstall, failed, etc. Since I felt stuck with the plugin, I researched the drop down menu issue, and entered some suggested code and it was resolved.

    Honestly, I didn’t want to uninstall until I couldn’t – then it annoyed me. I found another calendar program I wanted to try, but when I install it, it conflicts with this one, so I can’t add events. It automatically installed the ones from All-in-One, but I can’t edit them or add new ones.

    I use Artisteer also.

    You may have found the code segment that I posted a while back which originally came from Artisteer which enabled the two dropdown lists to functions correctly.

    You can go in through ftp and rename the ai1ec folder, which will effectively remove it. The instructions are posted elsewhere on the Timely site. If you are not comfortable doing that, proceed with caution, or you could blow up your website and you don’t want that!

    I got an error while updating from Lite to Standard version. So i entered my FTP server and tried to remove the plugin main folder manually.

    BUT: the cache folder still remains in the list.
    “550 Can’t remove directory: Directory not empty”

    So i tried to remove the cache folder manually – same problem, not empty. But there are no files in the cache folder. Next i delete my Google Chrome cache, thinking about a connection between those caches. Problem not solved.
    Next i renamed the plugin folder to “trash”, that worked. But i still can’t delete it?

    What to do now?

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