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    for some reason i can’t create pages on a site i recently set up – any idea what i could have done to break this?

    actually, i just realized that they exist, they just don’t show up in the admin panel

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  • How do you know they are there? I know there’s a bug with assigning custom fields to pages before they are published as reported here:

    i know they are there because they show up
    under “pages” on the sidebar, and i can even link to them

    i am not using custom fields, but am using a fair number of plugins

    I’m having a similar problem. I can create the pages. Their headers show up at the top of the home page, but when I click on them, nothing happens. I just remain on the home page. Why is that? I typed up content for each other page, but they don’t show up.

    that is not the same problem i am having
    when i click on mine, they do show up
    but they do not show up in the manager
    are yours showing up there?

    ok, i take that back
    none of the content is showing on them either
    which plugins are you using?

    this has me rather concerned
    does no one have an answer?
    i am heading to the database now
    to see what may be up with that…

    I solved one problem – the content now shows up on the pages (I am using more than one loop, so had to rewind before the pages would show properly)


    The pages still do not show up in the admin/manage panel. It just tells me I have no pages.


    So in your wp_posts table, for each Page, the post_status is “publish”, and the post_type is “page”?

    but admin says i have no pages…

    So disabling plugins, one-by-one, to see if that solves the problem, seems in order.

    did that

    i take it back!

    i missed one – miniposts2
    when i deactivate it, the problem clears up

    funny, i wasn’t even using it – i decided to go ahead
    and code the asides myself

    thanks, i will be sure and make that a regular troubleshooting task from now on!

    Can you paste a screenshot of what you do see in Manage Pages and provide a link to that screenshot?

    here are the links:


    Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t see that you said disabling mini-posts cleared the problem for you.

    Thanks for posting the screenshots anyway.

    Would you consider marking this thread resolved? Thanks.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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