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  • Hi,
    I’ve tried Comet Cache and WP Super Cache but if this plugin regenerate merged files it won’t clear cache pages. Is there anyway how to clear cache when files are marged? I found some clear turioals on Comet Cache pages it would be also on WP Super Cache but it wasn’t working for me. Can you provide some solution pls? I think lot of us using cache plugins and this plugin is useless if it’s not colaborate with them.
    Thank you.

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  • Hello:
    Thanks for a great plugin. I have the same issue as @mattthev – I’m using “Simple Cache” as well as CloudFlare, and when the plugin auto-regenerates merged styles / scripts, the cached HTML / files that the caching plugins / providers have generated can no longer find the merged files, because the names have changed (due to the $token being set to a timestamp).

    I had two ideas:
    1. Somehow cause your plugin to trigger a “Purge Cache” on those plugins / service (I know CloudFlare has an API in which you can trigger a “Purge Cache”, and it appears Simple Cache offers a hook – sc_purge_cache – that could be leveraged). This seems complex, but could be cool (and could justify “paying” for the plugin)


    2. Allow the user, in the dashboard, to define the “token” that is used in the scripts / styles, instead of always using the timestamp. In this way, even the rebuilt file could be found / loaded, and the user could manually increment the token when desired in order to “bust” browser caches.

    Hi @calebergh,
    I’ve tried wipe Comet Cache but it wasn’t working well. But it should work. So I’ve start using Autoptimize, it’s working very well with Comet. I really like it.

    Plugin Author Agus Prawoto Hadi


    Hi, thank you for all the feedbacks, sorry for very late response.

    After doing some research, I agree with @calebergh, the problem is that the plugin auto generates the token, so the filename always changed. the token is useful to force the browser to always download the fresh content.

    Thank you @calebergh for the suggestions, I think it’s better to change the way the token generated, not automatically anymore. I’ll try to provide a button so the user can generate a new token by clicking that button.

    @mattthev, I’m sorry for your experience with the plugin, I glad you found better solutions 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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