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    I LOVE the button feature. However, every time I use it, the phrase that I have linked to another page, brakes.

    For Example, I created a button for “Certification” and I’ve linked to another page I’ve made that discusses certification in detail. I’ve linked the word to the page and it works beautifully. And then when I add the button, it disables the link.

    Why? And whats the point of a button if it doesn’t work?

    Does anyone know how to fix it?

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  • The button IS a link, so you cannot add a button over a link.
    Just write your text as you want it to appear inside the button, select it and add a button over it. Then paste the link in the “url” attribute, like:
    [mantra-button-light url=”” target=”_blank”]This button links to Google[/mantra-button-light]

    Thanks so much theZedt!

    But what if I’m linking to a page within the site? How would I do that?

    To be more explicit, the “button” function does not work like the built-in link function. There’s no automatic way to choose or type in the link.
    After you click the “button” button 🙂 you need to manually type in the URL to (whatever) page you want that button to link to, as the url= parameter of the shortcode.

    As in the example I gave you before,
    [mantra-button-light url=”” target=”_blank”]Link to a page[/mantra-button-light]

    To get the URL and paste it in the url= parameter, you navigate to the page you want to link to (or see it in the Pages list) and copy its URL/link.

    You can change target=”_blank” to target=”_self” to make the button open the link in the same page.

    How do you change the colours of the buttons?

    The ‘light’ and ‘dark’ buttons have predefined colours.
    The ‘colour’ button has a definable background colour.
    These are detailed in the theme shortcodes demo page.

    Yeah, I figured it out, thanks though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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