• Hi, all,

    I isolated and corrected the bug that I submitted here. The fix was to insert the stripslashes() calls in the editlink portion of link-manager.php:

    $link_name = stripslashes(wp_specialchars($row->link_name, 1));
    $link_image = stripslashes($row->link_image);
    $link_target = $row->link_target;
    $link_category = $row->link_category;
    $link_description = stripslashes(wp_specialchars($row->link_description));
    $link_visible = $row->link_visible;
    $link_rating = $row->link_rating;
    $link_rel = stripslashes($row->link_rel);

    How do I go about getting these changes into the source? I do not have a UNIX development system set up so if I need to generate a patch I would request that someone recommend a Windows-based patch generation tool (I don’t want to have to compile a GNU one).


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