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  • Well it’s taken me the better part of 1 month to finally get to the position where I can actually post the link on this forum, but here it is,
    The final thing I’ve got to sort out is made the CSS prettier as coding goes, because currently it’s a bit of a mess, but that attributes to 7% of the final product.
    I’d like to thank Matt and co for the excellent WordPress software, it’s truely AWESOME, in every possible way.
    Thanks Owen for the massive help in getting me to understand the Exhibit plugin, and the ezstatic plugin, truely brilliant stuff.
    Oh yeah it’s not IE friendly, i.e all the cool bells and whistles just don’t show up in IE, like the live preview and a lot of the formatting in the css file. Price you pay for not downloading the supreme Firefox… 🙂

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  • Well dude, reading your blog I understand you live in the UK maybe? Welcome to the WordPress britpack. A beautiful looking design and really stunning interface if I may say so. I know there has been some pain for you but all truly great works require that. You deserve all the praise you are going to get my friend.

    Hey Root, thanks for the extremely kind words, I suppose now that I’ve got this version complete and I’ve just gone out to celebrate it all seems worth while. Yeah I’m a Londoner, how many people make up the WordPress brit contingency then?
    Tell you what, it’s been something like 4 years since I was part of an online community, and I do actually miss it. I’m soo here to stay :).

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I think Root has the list of us Brits ?

    Maybe a British and former British colonies list so we antipodeans can join in too? But then again, perhaps no, the list would probably become overwhelmed with Canadians, eh. 😉

    Now there’s another name I’ve been seeing around the boards a lot, podz is british as well, hmm it’d be interesting to know where the second majority of wordpress users come from (well I think the majority users is a given).

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Well if everyone took the time (2 minutes) to complete their Geo data information, we could get the definitive answer 🙂
    Options . Misc

    See since I’m such a newbie at wordpress I’m still learning all these little things. That’s nearly as cool as posting from e-mail, I’m loving that the feature exists, such a brilliant feature to have. I’ll be using that when I go on holiday in a few weeks.
    I’ll hopefully enable that feature sometime today. I’m behind on my writing.

    I would hazard a guess that any type of informal national association or web ring or even informal linking relationship of WP users would bring forth a multitude in a lot of countries. Any one for Kiwi WP Addicts for example. ? This might not be the right forum for too much of that type of stuff. But that is just my 2c. But if any one is proactive in that area it is another reason for folks to visit each others blogs and so on. It just seemed natural to me to mention it from time to time. No big deal.

    Whee! Former brit colony citizen here! Okaay.. that was wierd..

    Okay we’ll get back to the original question (but it’s good to know about the geo data option, I guess you learn something new every day), anyone got any comments 🙂 ? (Promise we won’t take the conversation towards the origins).

    very, very nice…love the look.

    Thanks Shaeleigh much appreciated.

    Well that was crap, firefox didn’t remember my login and password, err sorry that last comment was by me 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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